Waterproof Ortlieb Bike Bags Review by The “Bag Man”

By Paul Willerton.

The last 10 years have seen what must be described as nothing short of a “bag explosion” in the bicycle and commuter markets.

The previous decades saw entrenched brands build on their respectable reputations, bringing new bags to market with what must have felt like an urgent pace.

Eventually, the outdoor and urban markets collided, driving bag fashion and production quality to [Read more…]

Guide to Rear Rack Bags (Panniers) for Electric Bikes

Basil Tour XL Double Bicycle Bag

Basil Tour XL Double Bicycle Bag

In some cases adding bags to the rear rack of an electric bike is not as easy as buying any bicycle bag or pannier and installing it on the rack.

Some of the racks that house the e-bike battery have larger tubing that won’t allow a some bicycle bags to clip onto.

And in some cases the battery itself gets in the way of the bicycle bag clips and does not allow them to fully attach to the rack.

The bags that work well for these types of racks have two bags that have a connection piece in the center that rest on top of the rack.

Here are some bags that work with [Read more…]