Swiftmile: Solar Powered Electric Bike Rental Stations [VIDEOS]

swiftmile electric bike charging 2By Paul Willerton

In technology, the term “last mile solution” is synonymous with “challenge”.

The last mile is where the leaps and bounds of a technology are grasped by the masses. The promise of broadband, trans-continental internet connections took years.

Signals, transmitted across oceans at the speed of light, still needed to find their way into the home at that speed.

Solar power is another technology with tremendous promise that has had a difficulty crossing the chasm to main street.

In San Mateo, California, a company named Swiftmile is aiming to bridge solar power’s last mile gap by becoming a premier infrastructure provider for what Swiftmile calls the “Personal Electric Transporter” market, or PET for short. [Read more…]

E-Bike News: “Power Lanes”, Brouhaha E-Trailer, New Specialized Turbo’s, Carbon Haibike, & More! [VIDEOS]

Flitzbike e-bike.

Flitzbike e-bike.

Gates Carbon Drive just posted some pictures of the bikes that they will be displaying at the upcoming Eurobike show.

The Flitzbike shown here has a Pinion gear box (in the bottom bracket), Gates belt, and rear wheel hub motor.

Imagine electric bikes that are electrified by “power lanes” instead of batteries…..an interesting new design concept for commuter e-bikes.

Specialized is introducing 2 new Turbo models: the Turbo 25 and the Turbo 25 X.  These appear to be [Read more…]

VIDEO! Electric Bike Sharing Program with Solar Charging Station at University of Tennessee

University of Tennessee Electric Bike Sharing Solar Charging Station

This is the future!  Imagine borrowing an electric bike at your neighborhood solar charging station to run errands around town.  That is what the University of Tennessee (UT) has been working on.

UT has developed the nation’s first fully automated e-bike sharing solar charging station.

Civil and environmental engineering assistant professor Chris Cherry and his team [Read more…]

Electric Bike Charging Station Guide

Recently I have received some emails from universities looking for electric bike charging station information.

This gets me really excited because I think that providing e-bike charging stations at large institutions is a great idea!

Having charging stations at universities, hospitals, airports, businesses, parks, popular mass transit stops, hotels, etc. can only encourage more people to ride an electric bike more often with less concern of running out of juice.

These charging stations can also be a great way to bring electric bikes to the attention of people who have no idea what an electric bike is.

Below are some links to [Read more…]