GM Focuses Anti Bike Ad On College Students: Oops!

GM Anti Bike Ad

GM recently posted an anti bike ad in a number of college newspapers across the country.  The ad is telling college students that riding a bike “sucks” and spending  a lot of money they probably don’t have on a new GM car or truck is a better alternative.  Hmmmm?

As I remember driving around most college campuses is really effective too………not!

This has really shaken up the biking community and now GM has (more…)

What Electric Bike Questions Do You Have?

I am working on a new project for Electric Bike Report and it will be a resource of electric bike information for you.

My goal is to make this a useful resource for you and I would like to know what you are most interested in when it comes to information on electric bikes.

Please let me know: 

  • What you want to know more about,
  • What information has been hard to find, and
  • What really interests you when (more…)

Ideo & Rock Lobster Win Oregon Manifest Utility (Electric) Bike Design Competition

Ideo-Rock Lobster electric bike

Here is a concept electric utility bike from a collaboration between Ideo (design firm) and Rock Lobster Custom Cycles (bike frame builder).   This is the bike that recently won the design competition for the Oregon Manifest People’s Choice award.

Here is a little info about the competition “The Oregon Manifest Constructor’s Design Challenge is a one-of-a-kind design/build competition, in which some of the country’s best (more…)

Electric Bikes & The Law: A Sticky Situation. Recommend You Stay Informed.

E-bikes banned on bike trails in Toronto Canada, via

This is an article by Gary Kaye; a professional writer who is passionate about e-bikes.  Check out Gary’s writing/marketing services at

While the popularity of e-bikes is growing by leaps and bounds, the legislation regulating their use is years behind the times.  The Federal government, all states, and many localities all have their own rules and regulations about the definition of an e-bike and how they can and cannot be used.  For e-bikers, not only is it important to (more…)

Steve Jobs (RIP) Talks About the Efficiency of a Bicycle [VIDEO]

The young Steve Jobs talks about the efficiency of a bicycle

I am sure that many of you have heard that Steve Jobs (of Apple fame) recently passed away.  The news of his passing saddened me because he was such a creative person and he has shown that dreams of the future become reality if you are determined and you remain focused.  I hope that some of his vision and persistence can be translated to the electric bike industry to create the best electric bikes possible and ultimately to see more people riding bikes in the future!

So here is the video that I promised.  A young Steve Jobs talks about the efficiency of the (more…)

Want to Help Design an E-Bike? Checkout Conscious Commuter

Conscious Commuter folding electric bike

Recently at Interbike (the largest bike show in the US) I met with Gabriel Wartofsky, the designer of the Conscious Commuter folding electric bike that is being created for multi modal transportation.  It’s a bike that can bridge the gap between car, train, bus, and/or taxi routes and where you really need to be in dense urban environments.  The idea is that you can use this light, small electric bike for those few miles that other transportation modes don’t work for.  Not only that, but (more…)

Pimp My Ride: Review of FoxL Speakers and Bracketron Phone Mount

FoxL Speakers

This is an article by Gary Kaye; a professional writer who is passionate about e-bikes.  Check out Gary’s writing/marketing services at

We’re starting a new feature at Electric Bike Report.  “Pimp My Ride” will look at gadgets, gizmos, and other stuff that can make your e-biking experience even more fun than it already is (assuming that’s possible).  We start off with two different products that used together can be music to your ears.


FoxL Speakers with ProClip Mount

We all know that listening to tunes on earbuds while you’re on your bike is a dangerous (more…)

Electric Bike Report from Munich Bike Expo: Lots of Pictures! – Part 1

Bike Expo in Munich Germany

Recently I was at Bike Expo in Munich Germany and it was great to see the electric bike scene in a country that is leading the way in e-mobility.  It was impressive to see how many bike brands now have electric bikes.  The growth of electric bikes reminds me of the days when mountain bikes were just becoming popular.

Speaking of mountain bikes, there is a growing electric mountain bike niche growing and according to the companies selling them, (more…)

Could Electric Bikes Kick Off a 2 Wheeled Revolution in the UK?

I just read an article from the about how electric bikes could be the vehicle to start a cycling revolution in the UK.  I believe that e-bikes have the potential to get more people on bikes world wide.  The author of this article does a great job breaking down a lot of the benefits of riding an electric bike and even covers some of the financial incentives that are available.

Check out the article and let me know what you think by (more…)

Propeller Powered Electric Bike?!

Ok, well you don’t see this everyday…..yet. The Aerobicle just came across my desk and I thought I would share it with you for some entertainment and creative thought.

A couple things that come to my mind are:

Let’s add some wings to it!
That propeller could be (more…)

Electric Bike NEWS! Prince Charles on Ebike, Pedego, NuVinci Automatic Shifting, Wireless Ebike

Prince Charles on Spencer Ivy electric bike

This is an article by Gary Kaye; a professional writer who is passionate about e-bikes.  Check out Gary’s writing/marketing services at

Hello, e-bikers!  Here are some of the latest developments in e-biking from around the world for August 10th, 2011

Pedego claims the number two spot.  But who’s number one?  U.S. pedelectric bike maker claims that in just two short years, it has grown to become the second largest maker of e-bikes in the US.  Pedego was the combined efforts of two baby boomer entrepreneurs Don DiCostanzo and Terry Sherry both with a vision to (more…)

Electric Bike Tour In The Nepalese Himalaya!

From the high and dry mountains to the lush jungles along rough dirt roads, this is a new kind of ebike adventure!  And if that weren’t enough; how about finding a place to charge your e-bike battery every night?

This adventure was put together by 3 guys from Australia and they tested 3 different kinds of electric bike kits (Bionx, Daahub, and Ezee) during the tour to see how they would (more…)

Electric Bike NEWS: Audi E-bike, Folding E-bikes, & Drunken E-biking?!

Audi Electric Bike by Arash Karimi

This is an article by Gary Kaye; a professional writer who is passionate about e-bikes.  Check out Gary’s writing/marketing services at

Hello E-Bikers! Here are some of the highlights in the e-bike news: Update: NY City effort to reclassify e-bikes as cars is shelved for now.  New concept bikes from Audi and Geoby.  An e-bike with an automatic transmission.  A new foldable e-bike coming from Portland Oregon.  And finally – more e-bikes on the roads bring more stories of drunken riding.

The battle in New York State over whether an e-bike is a bike or a car is stuck in neutral. (more…)