Tired of Bike Flat Tires? This is for You!

Flat tires are a bummer, but they are avoidable!

Getting a flat tire on your way to work or when you are out enjoying a carefree e-bike ride is no fun.  It can even be stressful if it will make you late for work!

There are ways to reduce the stress of a flat tire and put the fun back into riding though.  Below are some tips for you that will seriously reduce or completely eliminate bike flat tires.

Avoiding road debris is easier said than done but one habit to get into is (more…)

Win 2 Pedego Electric Bikes & Cool E-bike Gear!

Here is your chance to win 2 Pedego electric bikes; 1 for you and 1 for your friend!  There are also cool e-bike accessories (Nutcase Helmets & Light and Motion lights) being given away weekly during the promotion which ends with the announcement of the Pedego winners on April 30, 2012.

This is a pretty cool promotion because each Pedego e-bike is worth $2,075!

It is super easy to sign up.  Just (more…)

Tips for Recovering Your Stolen Electric Bike

Previously I shared my thoughts on electric bike locks and tips on electric bike security.  So what if your electric bike is stolen despite your best efforts to keep it safe and secure?  First of all, that is BIG bummer and I truly feel for you if that has happend, but…….all hope is not lost!  In this article I want to share some tips with you on how to recover your stolen e-bike.

Get the word out immediately!  Timing is important because (more…)

Great VIDEO on Commuting by Electric Bike!

Commuting by electric bike

Are those $80-$100 tanks of gas getting to you?  Do you want to enjoy some fresh air on your commute to work?  I have a cool video for you that may inspire you to consider commuting by electric bike instead of driving your car or truck.

On a personal note, I have used regular and electric bikes to commute for many years.  Nearly 2 years ago I took the plunge and parked my truck in the driveway and (more…)

Electric Bike Review – IZIP E3 Metro

The IZIP Metro electric bike in the red rocks of Sedona AZ

After many miles and cargo carrying trips I have prepared the IZIP Metro electric bike review for you!   This bike was designed to carry your stuff easily over hills and through the headwinds to let you enjoy the ride.  Find out how this bike performed and if it is a fit for you.

The features of this bike:

Make sure you check out the video and pictures (more…)

Accell Group Acquires Currie Technologies (IZIP & eZip)

Here is some interesting electric bike news for the US market; Currie Technologies has been acquired by Accell Group which is owns many bike brands in Europe.  This is interesting because the European electric bike market is massive compared to the US market and this is a sign that the future for e-bikes in the US is bright!

Here is the official press release for you:  (more…)

Tips on Keeping Your Electric Bike Safe & Secure

Keep your electric bike AND gear safe!

You may have selected a good lock from the electric bike locks article but there are some other electric bike safety techniques that can further help you protect your investment.  By practicing these simple habits you can rest easier knowing your e-bike is that much safer.

Let’s get into the tips!

Park your electric bike in a public place.  Thieves are less likely to try to steal your bike in a public place.  It is harder for them to (more…)

Your Guide to Electric Bike Locks

Keep Your Electric Bike Secure!

So you have spent a lot of money on your electric bike but what about protecting it?  Some members of the Electric Bike Report community recently asked me about locks for electric bikes so I put together this guide to locks and tips on how to keep your e-bike safe.

Getting a bike stolen is no fun but if you practice the right techniques you can rest a little easier and feel confident that your bike is safe.

Here are some locks that I recommend: (more…)

Pimp My Ride! Garmin Montana 650t Review. A GPS for All Reasons in All Seasons

The Garmin Montana 650t GPS

This is an article by Gary Kaye; a professional writer who is passionate about e-bikes.  Check out Gary’s writing/marketing services at CompellingTelling.com.

I am a GPS geek.  When I travel I carry a GPS for automobile navigation.  I carry a handheld to find my way around trails and cities.  A third sits mounted on my bike.

Now Garmin has come out with a device that handles all functions in one device.  The Garmin Montana 650t is not elegant in appearance, but it is certainly elegant in functionality.

With a four inch diagonal color touchscreen and a (more…)

Checkout These Thanksgiving Electric Bike & Accessory Deals

Happy Thanksgiving fellow e-bikers!  What a great day to be thankful, stuff ourselves and get ready for great deals on e-bikes and accessories :)

Since this is the time of year for Black Friday and Cyber Monday I wanted to let you know about a few good deals that I have heard about.

If you have been holding out on buying an e-bike and/or gear this may be the best time to make the purchase.

I will be adding more deals as I come across them, so stay tuned.

Electric Bikes, Kits, and Accessory Deals:

Amazon has a bunch of deals during the whole holiday season.  Here are the Currie eZip Trailz and the e-Moto 1.0 Ridge for (more…)

IZIP E3 Metro Electric Bike in for Review [VIDEO, Pictures & Specs]

IZIP Metro Electric Bike out in the redrocks of Sedona Arizona

Looking for an electric bike that is comfortable and can carry some cargo?  The IZIP E3 Metro electric bike might be the ride for you.

The IZIP Metro just rolled in for review at Electric Bike Report and I want to share a VIDEO and some pictures of the bike with you and get you ready for the full review that will be coming soon.  Here are some specs of the bike from the IZIP website:

“Power, range and speed. With the new E3 Metro, you can haul big loads of gear with ease. This real-deal electric powered cargo bike (more…)

E-Bike Stories: Tale of the Bionic Granny

This is an article by Gary Kaye; a professional writer who is passionate about e-bikes.  Check out Gary’s writing/marketing services at CompellingTelling.com.

Connie Lauzon had always been an avid bike rider.  But after having both knees and both hips replaced with artificial joints, the 75 year old grandmother was nervous about getting back on an upright bike.

She was afraid that one fall could have disastrous results.  That was a problem since her kids had just bought her a brand new Canondale mountain bike.

Instead she started looking around for a (more…)

Guide to Car Racks for Electric Bikes

Are you looking for a good way to carry your electric bike on your car?  This can be a tricky issue because traditional bike-car racks are designed to carry non electric bikes that are generally half the weight of an electric bike.

After doing some research I have come up with a few options that will work for electric bikes.

Here is a tip: Remove the batteries from the e-bikes and transport them in your car to reduce the weight on the rack.

Be careful not to store them in the car if you are (more…)