Cycloboost Electric Bike Trailer: Add Some Boost & Cargo to Your Bike! [VIDEO]

The Cycloboost/AEVON electric bike trailer is a new addition to the e-trailer world with the ability to carry a lot of cargo on or off road for potentially long distances!

Electric bicycle trailers are handy if you have a traditional bike that you would like to add electric assist to now and then.  Ridekick is one of the early pioneers of electric trailers.

The Cycloboost trailer could be used for: (more…)

eFlow E3 Nitro Electric Bike Review

It is exciting times in the electric bike world! To prove that I would like to introduce you to the innovative eFlow E3 Nitro electric bike.

This urban, sporty, e-bike machine has done something entirely different with the battery and placed it in the seatpost of the bike! The location of the battery pack is a moving target right now in the e-bike world. The battery can be placed on the rear rack, behind the


eFlow E3 Nitro Electric Bike Specs, Video, & Pictures

The eFlow E3 Nitro has landed at EBR! This is a sporty, urban style electric bike with a unique twist: the battery is hidden in the seatpost!

This is part 1 of the eFlow E3 Nitro electric bike review and it will give you an idea of what this bike is all about with info on the specifications, an in depth video with riding footage and a walk through of the eFlow features, and a bunch of pictures highlighting the


E-Bike News: E-Bike Haters?, Super Capacitors, New Mid Drive, & More!

E-Bike haters; what?  Here is a great article to all the e-bike skeptics out there.

Will capacitors replace batteries?  A new discovery in capacitor technology may be on the path to that.

This is a great article about e-bikes that was recently posted in BBC news.  It is focused on the e-bike scene in the UK.  It has a lot of useful info and a funny video with an e-biker racing a road cyclist uphill!

Flight E-Bikes is a relatively new e-bike company to (more…)

Burley Travoy Trailer Review: E-Bike Cargo Hauler & Shopping Cart! [VIDEOS]

Electric bikes are great for carrying cargo!  And the Burley Travoy commuter trailer makes carrying cargo on your e-bike super easy!

I have been using the Travoy for the past month+ and I am impressed with how easy it is to use everywhere.  

One of the best parts is that when you park your bike, you can take the Travoy and/or its accessory bags with you into the office or into the store.  You don’t have to worry about (more…)

VIDEO: Faraday Bikes CEO Talks About His Inspiration for Electric Bike Design

I am very passionate about spreading the word about electric bikes as useful, convenient, and fun vehicles for getting around town.

I believe that electric bikes combine some of the conveniences of a car with the advantages of a bicycle.

I recently came across this great video about the owner of Faraday Bikes, Adam Vollmer, and his story definitely captures (more…)

E-Bike Gear: Showers Pass Portland Jacket Review [VIDEO]

In the dimly lit streets of Vancouver, BC, I could see the jacket of the rider ahead of me light up every time a car passed from behind. I admired the looks of the jacket as we had ridden from restaurant to pub to pub.

As we neared the end of the six hour urban bike tour of Vancouver – which is a great way to see that city – I rode up next to the rider and asked “What kind of jacket is that?”. He replied, “It’s the Portland jacket by Showers Pass.” That was 2009, and the Portland jacket had been on the market for about a year.

We live in a time where it’s considered normal for a (more…)

EVELO 30 Day Electric Bike Challenge: Trade in Your Car Keys for an Electric Bike!

Would you be interested in trading in your car keys in exchange for a new EVELO electric bike to use for 30 days?

If so, then you could be a participant in the EVELO 30 Day Electric Bike Challenge.

In an effort to promote e-bike commuting and everyday use, Boris Mordkovich (CEO of EVELO), has created this challenge as a way to raise e-bike awareness and broadcast the participants experiences.

Here is the general idea: Participants will (more…)

E-Bike News: BMW E-Bike, Stromer ST1, E-Bikes at SXSW, BikeSpike, & More!

BMW is another car manufacturer that has jumped into the electric bike scene!  Here is the BMW Cruise electric bike that is powered by the 250 watt Bosch electric bike kit. The bikes will initially be released in the German market and maybe if things go well it will expand beyond that.

Stromer is launching their ST1 Elite ($3,499) and ST1 Platinum ($3,999) electric bikes in the US market this year. To celebrate the launch they are holding a sweepstakes where some lucky person will win a Stromer ST1 Elite!  Here is a video (more…)

Juiced Riders ODK Electric Cargo Bike Review

The Juiced Riders ODK electric cargo bike: sturdy, powerful, big battery, simple, easy to ride, comfortable, versatile, cargo hauler, and fun!

Does that sound interesting to you?  Then check out this full review of the ODK!

After several weeks of riding the ODK I have compiled my thoughts on this unique electric cargo bike with some background on the designer, ride characteristics, a range test, pros, cons, and (more…)

Juiced Riders ODK Electric Cargo Bike Specs, Video & Pictures

Here is part 1 of the Juiced Riders ODK electric cargo bike review!

The ODK is a versatile e-cargo bike that can carry some serious payload: 330 lbs (rider + cargo)!

The ODK has a number of different accessories (bags, baskets, kid seats, small and large trunks, etc.) that can be used to customize your e-cargo ride.

This post will give you an idea of the specs of the bike along with a detailed video and (more…)

Pedego City Commuter Electric Bike Review

Post from Paul Willerton, Electric Bike Report correspondent from Bend, Oregon.

Like the traditional briefcase or the classic skate shoe, certain e-bikes make sense in many practical – and stylish – ways. The Pedego City Commuter is just such a bike. It doesn’t take long to imagine the multitude of ways the City Commuter could dovetail itself into one’s life.

My test model showed up (more…)

The New OHM XU450 Electric Bike: Gates Carbon Drive, SRAM E-Matic, Hydroformed Aluminium Frame, & More!

This is a press release from OHM Cycles, Gates Carbon Drive, and SRAM.

Canadian electric bike manufacturer OHM Cycles, in collaboration with SRAM and Gates Carbon Drive, will debut its new Urban XU450 E2 electric bike at the Taipei International Cycle Show, March 20-23.

The bike features the new SRAM E-Matic automatic shifting system and the clean and low-maintenance Gates Carbon Drive, as well as (more…)