Accell North America Announces Formation of E-Bike Competence & Service Center

Currie Technologies IZIP Zuma electric bikes.

Currie Technologies IZIP Zuma electric bikes.

This is a press release from Currie Technologies.

The eBike category is beginning to show significant signs of emergence in the U.S. market and global eBike leader Accell Group is investing to further innovation and infrastructure in this important category through its North American arm, Accell North America (ANA).

The nation’s first Electric Bicycle Competence Center (EBCC-­NA) will launch April 30, 2014, as a brand-­new division within ANA. The timing of this important growth platform coincides with key eBike innovation from trusted ANA bike brands Raleigh, Lapierre and Diamondback, all planned for (more…)

5 Reasons Why E-Bikes Are Safer Than Regular Bikes

Brett Thurber The New Wheel electric bike shopThis is a guest post from Brett Thurber, co-owner of The New Wheel electric bike shop in San Francisco, CA.

Biking in San Francisco can be a hair raising experience for even the most grizzled cycling veteran.

Aggressive motorists, gnarly hills, and the ever present train tracks are just a few of the obstacles that a cyclist faces on a daily basis.

For some, these obstacles are what make riding in the city such a thrill. For others, they represent a barrier to biking that is hard to overcome mentally or physically. Enter the electric bike: a more versatile, easier to use, and safer option. (more…)

The Bosch E-Bike Cometh

Claus Fleischer and Brett Thurber with the Felt fat tire prototype at Interbike 2013

Claus Fleischer and Brett Thurber with the Felt fat tire prototype at Interbike 2013

This is a guest post from Brett Thurber, co-owner of The New Wheel electric bike shop in San Francisco, CA.

Two years ago I met Claus Fleischer, general manager of Bosch’s electric bike unit at Eurobike.

I told him that we needed Bosch powered ebikes in San Francisco. I knew a few things: a quality mid-drive is good for our hilly market, a company with a top tier reputation is good for ebikes, and Bosch had both.

Although Mr. Fleischer didn’t have a timeline for bringing Bosch ebikes stateside he was intrigued by the possibility. (more…)

85.9 MPH on an Outrider USA Electric Trike, World Record! [VIDEO]

Checkout this video of Tommy Ausherman, co-founder of Outrider USA, flying down an airport runway at 85.9 mph on a modified Outrider USA 422 Alpha electric trike!

And kids, don’t try this at home, this is a professional rider on a closed track….

This video was shot with GoPro action (more…)

E-Bike News: New Rides, Snow E-Biking, Drift E-Trike, E-Cargo Bikes, E-Bike Share, & More! [VIDEOS]

The Swiss Cruiser Happy Maker electric bike.

The Swiss Cruiser Happymaker electric bike.

Checkout the Swiss Cruiser Happymaker electric bike! I just got word that they will be available in the US soon.

Speaking of new e-bikes, Stromer recently released a bunch of info on their new high tech Stromer ST2 electric bike!

The Gi Bike is a futuristic looking electric bike that is a full size folding bike.

Here is a video teaser of the wild looking Gi Bike! (more…)

LESS CAR, MORE GO. A Crowdsourced Cargo Bike Documentary. [VIDEOS]

First of all, checkout this video about the creation of this cargo bike documentary.

I think this is a great way to introduce people to the idea of using an electric cargo bike as a car alternative for their (more…)

Xtracycle EdgeRunner Cargo Bike with Falco eMotors Electric Bike Kit Review [VIDEO]

Are you looking for a way to ditch your car?  Well, the Xtracycle EdgeRunner cargo bike with Falco eMotors electric bike kit might be your car alternative or…….replacement?

The combination of this versatile cargo bike with electric assist truly provides a bike that can do a lot of the commuting and errand running that is traditionally done by car……..all while having more fun!

Commuting or running errands in a car is so easy; you just jump in and go.

Well this e-cargo bike has some of those same attributes and it can make the decision to ride your bike vs. drive the car a lot easier. (more…)

Custom Electric Bikes with BionX & Gates Belt Drive

In this installment of custom electric bikes from the North American Handmade Bicycle Show there is a retro e-cruiser with a classic gear shifter, a titanium e-mountain bike, and an electrified Santana tandem!

All of these custom e-bikes feature the BionX electric bike system with the Gates Carbon belt drive.

These bikes were part of a challenge that Gates put forth to custom bike frame fabricators.  They were to design a unique e-bike using the BionX  system with a 3 speed internally geared hub with the Gates carbon belt drive. (more…)

Custom Electric Bikes with SRAM E-Matic & Gates Belt Drive

How is this for custom electric bikes: an e-BBQ-bike with refreshment carrying capacity, a wooden frame e-bike, a bamboo frame e-bike, and more!

Those types of e-bikes are the result of a challenge that Gates Carbon Drive put forth to some custom frame builders for the North American Handmade Bicycle Show.

The builders had to incorporate the Gates belt drive with the SRAM E-Matic e-bike system to create a unique e-bike.   And yes, they are unique!

The SRAM E-Matic e-bike system features a rear hub motor with a torque sensor.  The rear motor hub has a 2 speed system that automatically (more…)

Custom Electric Bikes with Bosch Mid Drive, Gates Belt, & NuVinci Hub

Recently Gates Carbon Drive (belts) challenged 12 custom bike builders to build electric bikes using their belt drive along with 3 different e-bike systems; Bosch (with NuVinci N360 hub), SRAM, and BionX.

The result was an amazing array of e-bikes that included, titanium bikes, wood bikes, tandems, cargo bikes, a BBQ bike, and more!

These super custom e-bikes were part of the Gates E-Bike Showcase on display at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Charlotte, NC.

In this first of 3 posts you will get to see the custom e-bikes featuring the Bosch mid drive system with the Gates carbon belt, and the continuously variable NuVinci N360 rear hub. (more…)

Outrider USA Launches New Adaptive Use Electric Bike on Kickstarter

This is a press release from Outrider USA.

Outrider USA wants to bring the joy of bike riding and mobility to people with physical disabilities, with their new electric bike, Horizon.

Founders Jesse Lee, Tom Ausherman, and Daniel Rhyne launched a 30 day Kickstarter campaign with a goal of raising $100k for the first production run.

“The driving mission behind the Horizon trike is simple: Just because an individual has a  physical disability, doesn’t mean they don’t still crave the adventure and freedom of riding a bike,” (more…)

How an Electric Bike Paid for Itself in 3 Rides

This is a guest post by Cathy Lau from OHM Cycles.

Seattlelite David Somers knew that his electric bike would save him money in the long run, but he didn’t realize just how many dollars it would save him with only a few rides.

David has shared his electric bike experiences with us in the past, describing how he fared while pairing his OHM with a Burley Travoy Trailer to accomplish an impressive task (see Burley Travoy bike trailer review ).

Since then, David has been using his bike as his sole means of getting around, and has a very interesting new story to share with us: (more…)

ProdecoTech to Host LEVA E-Bike Technician Training & Certification

This is a press release from ProdecoTech.

Oakland Park, FL – Robert Provost President of ProdecoTech along with Heather Marshman Executive Director of the Light Electric Vehicle Association (LEVA) announced today that the Oakland Park based company will be hosting the LEVA E-Bike technician training and certification at their new 60,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility on May 1 and 2 of 2014.

ProdecoTech management expects this training will solidify the advancement of E-bike technologies to its dealer base and also to future prospects. The training has been developed by Dr. Don Gerhardt and various (more…)