E-Bike News: Flying E-Bike, Tour of Iceland, UMass Police, & More! [VIDEOS]

Yes that’s right, a flying electric bike!  I wouldn’t mind taking it for a ride.  Maybe this traditional 2 wheeled bike thing is outdated; maybe we should be focusing on flying. Kidding, kidding 🙂  More info.

A tour of Iceland on eFlow electric bikes; does that get your attention?   [Read more…]

VIDEOS: Bike Polo Played On Smart Electric Bikes!

The Spring Break bike polo team on Smart Electric Bikes!

The Spring Break bike polo team on Smart Electric Bikes! Photo from: springbreakbikepolo.com

Bike polo is a lot of fun (I know from personal experience) and using electric bikes would make this high paced game pretty wild!

The folks at Smart Electric Bikes put the Spring Break bike polo team in London on their bikes and created some cool videos of this crazy sport.

Haven’t heard of bike polo?  Well, it is very similar to traditional horse polo except it is played on bikes.  Some people play bike polo on grass fields but there are a lot of folks who play polo on asphalt courts or “hardcourts”.

Bike polo is a high paced game with some occasional crashes [Read more…]

Video of the Electric Bike Scene in Germany by Al Jazeera!

Mainstream media is starting to pick up e-bike stories!

Here is a video from Al Jazeera on Germany’s innovative electric bike scene, with footage of the Smart electric bike factory; enjoy!

Stories like this in the mainstream media are important to raise public awareness of electric bikes.  The reporter also did a good job of [Read more…]

The Electric Bike Scene at Interbike 2012 – Part 3

Want more electric bike pictures and video from Interbike?  Okay let’s dive in!  Make sure you checkout Part 1 and Part 2 if you haven’t already.

Ohm Electric Bikes had a their newly updated XU700 e-bike on display in a few places around the show.  The new frame looks pretty cool with its hydro formed aluminum tubes.  They have got a futuristic look going for this 2014 model! [Read more…]

Electric Bikes & The Mountain Bike Moment

The mountain bike history exhibit at the San Francisco Airport.

This is a guest report from Brett Thurber, owner of The New Wheel, an electric bike store in San Francisco, California.

Passing through the San Francisco international terminal a week ago, a particularly well put together exhibit caught my eye. Along two long walls at the back of terminal, behind tall glass panes, was a line-up of mountain bikes in exquisite condition.

On one end was the very earliest example, a Schwinn with motorcycle tires, and on the other, the most cutting edge carbon fibre, [Read more…]

Car Manufacturers Audi, BMW, Ford, Smart, VW Getting Into Electric Bikes

The Audi electric bike

This is interesting……why are car manufacturers like Audi, BMW, Ford, Smart, VW and others getting into the electric bike industry?

Maybe they see the increasing demand for versatile and sustainable forms of transportation.

Or maybe it is a marketing strategy to show that they are into green transportation.

In any case it is very encouraging to see these BIG companies [Read more…]