E-Bike News: High-Tech eBikes, NY Times, Economical Kit, & More! [VIDEOS]

gazelle-no1By Richard Peace

New E-Bike Launches

Dutch e-bike manufacturer Gazelle has publicised what it sees as the future of e-bikes in the shape of the carbon fibre-framed No1.

Currently a one-off, with many parts hand made, the No.1 is perhaps most notable for its COBI interface and lighting system, undoubtedly one of the smartest of ‘smart’ devices for e-bikes.

If you want to learn more about how it was made see the video: [Read more…]

The USA Electric Bike Market Numbers

This is a guest post by Edward Benjamin and Audra Poynter, eCycleElectric Staff

With a population of more than 316 Million people, buying about 15 million normal bicycles most years, and a demographic that is shifting to an older, but active generation of baby boomers…the USA seems a natural market for electric powered two wheelers.

The European market, about 742 million people, buying about 20 million bicycles most years, is both larger, and buys fewer bicycles per capita than the USA.

However, much of Europe regards a bicycle of any type as transportation. (As well as for sports, fitness, and recreation.) This is a cultural norm and in such cultures ebike markets grow more quickly.

The USA is almost universal in [Read more…]

Electric Bike News Week of 3-28-11

Doctor Makes House Calls on Electric Bike

Well March has come to an end and there is some great electric bike news from this last week!  A little preview for you: A doc that makes house calls via e-bike, an electric bike sharing program in the US, the Google mapping trike, electric bikes to be a “major profit maker” in 2011, electric bike winery tours and more!

And now the e-bike NEWS!

This is great!  A doctor in Australia that makes house calls with his electric bike!  The doctor makes some great points about electric bikes.  Here is quote that I like: [Read more…]