Win a Pedego Electric Bike!

Win a Pedego Electric Bike!

Pedego Electric Bikes is giving away one Pedego every month until September 30th, 2012!  “Design” your perfect Pedego and pin it to your Pinterest board to be entered in the contest.

Pedego e-bikes are well known for their ability to be customized; from performance and frame type, to many different color combinations.  Now you can design your perfect Pedego, share it with your friends and be entered to win the Pedego you designed!

Here are the official instructions and rules from Pedego:

Pedego Electric Bikes “Pin It to Win It” Pinterest Contest: Full Rules

Build your own custom Pedego Electric Bike on Facebook or on our website, and pin it to any board on your Pinterest account to be entered to win your own custom Pedego Electric Bike (excluding Tandem or Trike models).

A winner will be drawn at the end of each month starting June 1, 2012 through September 30, 2012. 


-Create a Pinterest pin of your own custom Pedego Electric Bike by using the “Pin It to Win It” tab on our Facebook page; or by using the “Pin It” button after building a bike on our website.

-Post the pin on your Pinterest page on any of your boards.

-We will compile all pins submitted within the contest entry dates and randomly select a winner at the end of each month of the contest.  

Here is a video that will give you the step by step instructions:

Have fun – we can’t wait to see your pins!

Enter as many times as you would like by pinning different custom bikes (excluding Tandem or Trike models). Open to US residents only, 18 or older.

Pinterest is invite-only, so if you haven’t already joined, you can request an invite from Pinterest here.

End of contest instructions and rules

When you have posted your Pedego design on Pinterest please post a link of it in the comment section below.



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  1. citizenbfk says

    I do appreciate recently discovering this great site (and get web work, too). Pinterest looks interesting and if you don’t pass out trying to follow all the instructions and posting here and pinning there and signings up…you too could be a winner! (And deserve a Ph.D. in Social Media Signings Up & Pinnings).

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