VIDEO: Gas Prices on the Rise. Time for an Electric Bike!

Hmmmm.....Time for an electric bike?

Wow!  Gas prices are on the rise…..and quickly; they went up 10 cents during the time this video was created!

Check out this video from ABC News about rising gas prices, how people are reacting, and where your money goes when you buy gasoline.  Also note that some of these people feel that they are powerless when it comes to these rising prices.  Maybe they need to consider an electric bike 🙂

Here is something else to consider: the 10 cent rise in gas prices during the video is about the cost of charging an electric bike……..

Check out the video below!  You may have to watch an advertisement but it will be worth your time because this video is a good wake up call to the fact that gas prices are volatile.

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So what do you think?  Is it time for more people to be investing in an electric bike that will make them less vulnerable to these big fluctuations in gas prices?

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  1. Peter says

    The cost of gasoline is a relatively small part of the cost of car ownership. So even if gasoline goes up to $6/gallon in the near future ( as I think it will as the world economy gets moving and demand skyrockets), it’s not the main driver on the advantage of an ebike.

    For instance, a lot of people could easily replace 3000 miles of driving each year with their ebike. Assume their car averages 25 mpg. That’s $720 a year saved at $6/gallon. A nice chunk of change but it would still take 2 years to pay for a nice ebike. But if they can use the ebike to eliminate one of the family cars, they might save $2000 a year in insurance, depreciation, matinence. etc.

    The IRS gives the cost of driving ( for business travel) as $0.51 per mile. Gasoline makes up only a fraction of that.

  2. Ken Sanders says

    Let  gas prices  go  threw  the roof   Getting  on  a  e bike and   riding   is  healthy  alternative to  the  vehicle   As  you   get used to   it   the  more  you  will  enjoy it  .  i   have   logged   close to  3000 miles  per year on   mine fr  the last  6 years   Think  of  it   10 miles each  day   at   365 days  3650 miles  And   10  miles a day is  not  that  far on  a  e bike 

  3. Valhala56 says

    By the time most people consider an alternative-ebike it will take more then $10 a gallon. When will people consider a bike? Then there are shortages and they have no other choice. When that time comes the law of supply and demand will kick in and your rusty old schwinn will double-triple or more in price on Craigs list. Electric motors will be sold out. 

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