VIDEO! Danville Community College Tests Electric Bikes.

Danville Community College tests electric bikes.

Danville Community College in Virginia is currently testing electric bikes as a viable form of transportation.  They are conducting a feasibility study to determine the potential for electric bikes to be used in the Danville area.

Pedego, Currie Technologies (IZIP & EZIP) and EZ Pedaler are the 3 brands of electric bikes that they are testing.

The reporter in the video definitely found out how much fun e-bikes can be!  One rider said “I try not to ride this bike too much because it ruins it for me for my other bike,”

Not only are electric bikes fun, they are also great for getting to and from work without worrying about hills and headwinds.  They combine the utility and ease of a car with the fun of a bicycle!

LifeBATT is an electric vehicle battery manufacturer in Danville so there is already electric vehicle industry in the area.  Some local bike shops have indicated interest in carrying the e-bikes.

So it seems that there is a good possibility that e-bikes will suit the Danville area well.

Here is the link to the full article from ABC 13 in Virginia with the video.

A grant from the Danville Regional Foundation is paying for the testing. If you are interested in more information, contact Jerry Franklin at [email protected]

Has your community already embraced electric bikes?  Do you see many e-bikes around your town?  Please share your stories/thoughts in the comment section below.



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