The Wandertec Tuba Bike Trailer + Your Electric Bike = Car Sized Cargo!

The Wandertec Tuba bike trailer + electric bike. Car, what car?

This is a guest post from my friend Josh Lipton at Wandertec

The combination of electric bikes and bike cargo trailers for local errands and bike commuting is a great pairing.  The new Wandertec TUBA is a bike trailer ideal for local use and really works great for getting a lot done when hooked up behind an ebike.

While developing and testing the TUBA, I’ve used it to pretty much replace my pickup for small loads.  Hooking it up to my ebike, I was able to ride around at my normal speed despite carrying some very hefty loads.

Some of the most impressive loads that I carried with my Tuba/ebike combo were loads of sand and ice melt last winter.  I’ve regularly carried large amounts of packaging supplies to work.  And I’ve recently used the TUBA to bring home a large stack of moving boxes.

The size and variety of loads I can comfortably handle with an ebike and the Wandertec TUBA is equal and often times even easier than if I were to deal with the identical load by car.

Here is the official press release from Wandertec:

Flagstaff Arizona Company Targets Suburbia With New Bike Trailer

The Wandertec “Tuba” is for Car-Sized Errands

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. – Aug. 20, 2012 – Wandertec, a leading online retailer promoting products for everyday bicycling, has announced a new bike trailer aimed at urban and suburban cyclists wanting to reduce or eliminate the use of the family car.

The idea behind the Wandertec Tuba is to provide the same level of convenience and spaciousness as a car’s trunk or backseat. Most consumer bike trailers don’t have this kind of space. So even the most dedicated cyclists have to fall back on using a car for very common load sizes.

The Wandertec Tuba bicycle trailer.

The initial funding for the Tuba is being provided by backers on Kickstarter. In a video on the Kickstarter project page, Wandertec president, Josh Lipton asks, “Where is the trailer for the minivan lifestyle — but without the minivan?”

Lipton, a lifelong cyclist, has designed several trailers, but his needs changed when he became a father this year. As a new parent, he and his wife began to use the family car more and more, and he realized the “trap” families fall into, in spite of intentions to drive less.

Lipton designed the Wandertec Tuba trailer to accommodate the needs of a mainstream family – but one that prioritizes pedal power over petroleum power. “I ride my bike a lot already. I always have,” Lipton says, “But with this bike trailer I hardly use our family car at all anymore.”

Here is the Kickstarter project page for the Wandertec Tuba.

Journalists interested in meeting with Wandertec should contact Ted Johnson to schedule an appointment: 202-277-3853 (mobile), [email protected]

About Wandertec:

Wandertec is the parent company behind Bike Shop Hub and four expert online shops for cycling accessories:,,, and

Wandertec supports bike advocacy and education as the publisher of two leading Web sites on using bikes for everyday life: and

Media Contacts:

Ted Johnson
Internet Marketing, Bike Shop Hub
Editor, Commute by Bike
[email protected]

Josh Lipton
President, Bike Shop Hub
[email protected]

End of press release

What do you think?  Would a bike trailer like this help you with your errand running via e-bike?  Do you already use a bike trailer to run errands with your e-bike?  Please leave your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below.



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    I have seen other two wheeled bike trailers that can haul large amount of stuff so what makes this different? How much weight can it handle and what is the price?

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    The Wandertec TUBA is sized in between standard sized bike trailers like the Burley Nomad and jumbo sized trailers like the Surly Bill. Its weight capacity of 200 lbs is also an in between size, for the types of loads that you would typically put in the trunk of a car.

    The TUBA starts at $349 for the basic frame and fully setup will be around $700. Someone who wants the benefit of the design but at an economical price can get the basic frame and configure it with their own box or loadbed.


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