The New Optibike M4 Electric Bike: An Affordable Optibike……[VIDEO]

Yes, affordable and Optibike don’t normally go together in the same sentence, but the M4 is the most economical of the Optibike line up at $5995!

But that is the price for the quality that Optibke prides itself on.

This is what Optibike has to say about the new M4:

“Introducing the new Optibike M4; If you have been looking for the American quality and award winning design of the Optibike at an affordable price; this is the bike for you.

You will love the Rock Shox suspension, durable and unique powder coated frames and 9 speed derailleur gear systems. The M4 uses the patented Optibike frame and Motorized Bottom Bracket (MBB).”

Here is a video from Jim Turner (owner of Optibike) about the new M4.

And here is a little recap of some of the specs of the M4:

Frame:  The Optibike aluminum monocoque frame

Motor:  440 watt motorized bottom bracket

Battery: 37 Volt 10.4 ah lithium ion housed in the frame.  There is the option to upgrade the pack to 37 Volt 26 ah battery.

Suspension: Rock Shox and Fox(?)

Brakes:  Avid BB7 mechanical disc brakes

Wheels:  Mavic Cross Ride

Drivetrain: SRAM 9 speed

Here is a link to more of the M4 specifications.

All in all it looks like a solid component spec.

So if you have been saving to get an Optibike of your own, the M4 may be your ticket to affording one sooner!

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