eBike Year in the Rearview Mirror: 2016 eBike Trends & Highlights [VIDEOS]

trek-super_commuterAs 2016 disappears from view and e-bike manufacturers look to what 2017 will bring, ElectricBikeReport.com outlines what it sees as the main trends that emerged in e-bike design over the last 12 months and of course the highlights. 


Whilst its been known for some time that countries like the Netherlands and Germany are leading the e-bike charge in the western world (in terms of sales numbers anyway) 2016 seems to be the year when other countries long languishing in the doldrums really began to catch up – the US and the UK in particular.

E-bikes also made it big in mainstream media too, from the mainstream cycling press to ABC and [Read more…]

eBike News: Holiday Deliveries, Pros on eBMX, Light eFolder, Solaroad, Sidecar, & More! [VIDEOS]

Larry Harry DHL electric cargo bikeChristmas Deliveries by E-bike in London

East London’s Waltham Forest Council are funding a free local delivery service by e-cargo bike or hybrid van paid for by the paid for by the Mayor’s Air Quality Fund.

It looked to be off to a good start, with Road.cc reporting that 300 parcels had initially been delivered in three days.   

There are long term plans too, with Councillor Clyde Loakes, commenting: “We will use the results of the trial in Walthamstow to develop our plans for a borough-wide zero emission courier service in [Read more…]

Folding Electric Bikes Guide

gocycle folding electric bike

Folding electric bikes are very convenient if you travel a lot, use multiple forms of transportation, or if you want a bike that can be stored in a small place.

It is amazing how small some of these folding e-bikes can be when they are completely folded up!

Folders are great when combined with other forms of transportation like the bus, subway, train, ferry/boat, taxi, car, etc.

They are also handy if you have limited storage areas at home or work.

To give you some ideas on the different types of electric folding bikes out there, I have put together this guide. [Read more…]

VeloMini III Folding Electric Bike Review [VIDEO]

Do you want a small, foldable, and lightweight electric bike that can go with you almost anywhere?  If so, then you should definitely checkout the VeloMini line of electric bikes!

VeloMini electric bikes are all about delivering a traditional electric bike ride with the convenience of ultra portability.

Maybe you need a small, foldable, and lightweight e-bike for your first/last mile commute with mass transit or an e-bike that can go with you into your house, apartment, workplace, car, boat, RV, etc.

The VeloMini can also be a good e-bike for [Read more…]

VeloMini III Folding Electric Bike Video, Pictures, & Specs

The VeloMini 3 speed electric bike is a highly portable electric bike that can fold to a compact size and it weighs a mere 36 lbs.

It can be a great solution for the first/last mile commute when combined with mass transit or for getting around a school or large business campus.

It’s compact size also makes it handy for storing in your house / apartment / workplace / school / car / RV / boat, etc.

This is part 1 of the VeloMini III folding electric bike review and it will give you an idea of what this e-bike is all about with a bunch of pictures and [Read more…]