Electric Bike Battery Fires and How to Prevent Them [VIDEO]

A lithium ion electric bike battery pack with its cells exposed.By Edward Benjamin, Lead Instructor of the Light Electric Vehicle Association Technician Training.

For a battery of any sort to catch fire is rare. For an electric bicycle battery to catch fire is, perhaps, even more rare.

There are about 220 million electric bikes in daily service around the globe, and fires are so rare as to attract [Read more…]

Emotion Neo Xtrem Electric Mountain Bike in for Review [VIDEO, Pictures & Specs]

Emotion Neo Xtrem Electric Mountain Bike

Recently I had a few days to ride and test the Emotion Neo Xtrem electric mountain bike on the trails as well as on a local street route here in Sedona Arizona.

This e-mountain bike has some unique features!  Below are the specifications of the bike along with a video and some close up pictures that will give you an idea of what this electric mountain bike is all about.

Here are the [Read more…]