The Electric Bike Scene at Interbike – Part 4 – E-Bike Picture Extravaganza!

In this final installment of electric bike coverage from Interbike (largest bicycle tradeshow in the US) I have a picture slideshow of some of the many e-bike sights from the show.

Some of these bikes were shown in the video coverage from the previous 3 parts but some of them are new to the coverage.

Here are the [Read more…]

Trip Report: Touring the NEW ProdecoTech US Electric Bike Assembly Facility [VIDEO]

Can you imagine electric bikes being assembled by hand in the USA?

Well that is the reality at the 60,000 square foot ProdecoTech electric bikes assembly facility near Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

All ProdecoTech electric bikes are assembled at this new facility.  The frames and parts mainly come from China or Taiwan, but the assembly, fine tuning, boxing, and shipping happens at the ProdecoTech facility near Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA.

ProdecoTech currently employs [Read more…]

E-Bike News: City Trike, So. Cal E-Bike Tours, E-Mtb’s, Pedal Promotions & More! [VIDEO]

City Trike is a new start up that is offering 3 different styles of pedal/electric trikes; The City Trike Cargo, The City Trike 2Go, and the City Trike Taxi.

These are designed with weather protection canopies, cargo carrying capacity, 250 watt to 750 watt front hub motors (depending on the market), easily swappable 48 Volt 10 ah batteries, regenerative braking, optional solar panels for [Read more…]

E-Bike News! Captain Kirk, 80 mph E-Bike?, Carbon E-Bike, Wireless Display

Captain Kirk rides a Pedego electric bike!  William Shatner and his wife Elizabeth recently bought their bikes at Metropolis Bikes in North Hollywood.

The LEAOS electric bike hides the motor, battery, controller, chain all within it’s carbon fiber frame!

Mashable did a nice feature on the stylish and simple Faraday Porteur.  The Porteur is a clean design because it hides the batteries in the top tube and [Read more…]

My Visit to the Prodeco Technologies Electric Bike Assembly Facility – Part 2

Here is the conclusion to my Prodeco headquarters visit report where I will cover the bikes that I test rode, how Prodeco offers their bikes for low prices, and their focus on constant improvement.

Make sure you check out Part 1 of the report that covers the Prodeco story and what the future holds for this American e-bike company.

My Test Ride Experiences [Read more…]

My Visit to the Prodeco Technologies Electric Bike Assembly Facility – Part 1 [VIDEO!]

Prodeco recently caught my eye with the new electric mountain bikes that they introduced this year; the Outlaw and the Titanio.  Over the past few years Prodeco has focused on building quality electric bikes for reasonable price points ($999 and up).

The addition of these new e-mtb’s along with their unique story sparked my interest and I recently visited their headquarters and assembly facility in Pompano Beach, Florida, just north of Miami. [Read more…]

The New Prodeco Outlaw Electric Mountain Bike!

Make sure you checkout the full review of the Prodeco Outlaw SS!

The new Prodeco Outlaw is a powerful and fast electric mountain bike!

It pushes right up against the US e-bike power limit of 750 watts (1 Horsepower) and the Outlaw SS model can go up to 28 mph with throttle only!

First of all, the new Prodeco Outlaw electric bike just looks tough!  It’s oversized aluminum frame, the double crown  suspension fork with 140 mm (5.5 inches) of travel, the knobby tires, and [Read more…]