2017 Electric Bike Expo Schedule & Exhibitors [VIDEO]

2017-electric-bike-expo-locations2016 was a great start for the Electric Bike Expo event series with thousands of people getting a chance to learn about and test ride a wide variety of the latest electric bikes around the U.S. 

For 2017 the Electric Bike Expo will cover more of the U.S. with the free events in Long Beach, San Francisco, Portland (OR), Salt Lake City, Minneapolis, Chicago, Miami, and Philadelphia.

In addition there are some new companies that you will see at the Expo events for 2017.

Like 2016, the 2017 Electric Bike Expo events are free and open to everyone with eBike test rides opportunities and eBike education.

This year there will be even more opportunities for [Read more…]

Visit to EcoSpeed Headquarters (Mid Drive Electric Bike Kit)

20130215-065415.jpgPost from Paul Willerton, Electric Bike Report correspondent from Bend Oregon.

The Pacific Northwest is a land rich in cycling culture. For many here, bikes are used as the core transportation vehicle year-round and in every type of weather. Portland, Oregon embraces bicycles and electronic bicycles are going ‘on’ in a

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Electric Bike News Week of 2-14-11

Spencer Ivy Spencer electric bike - full bike

Spencer Ivy - Spencer electric bike

Alright, here is another electric bike news recap from the week of February 14, 2011.  Lots of interesting e-bike and traditional bike stuff happening in the world!

And now the e-bike news!

Here are some crazy looking DIY (do it yourself) electric bikes.  One has a trailer that has a “drop in martini bar”?!

Pedego electric bikes make another appearance on TV!  Check out Jennifer Hawkins (Miss Universe) with Curtis Stone (Biggest Loser Chef) riding Pedegos in Santa Monica.

How is this for a name: The bike centric food cart super pod.  Wondering what it is? [Read more…]

Electric Bike News Week of 1-10-11

Time for some electric bike news!  Here is a recap of the news from the week of January 10, 2010.  Lots of exciting things going on in the e-bike world!

And now the electric bicycle news!

City of London police are giving electric bikes a trial run to see how they work is helping police officers navigate quickly through congested areas.

Here’s a new electric bike from Daum that uses a mid motor (motor by the cranks).  Bike Radar did a quick review of their experience riding [Read more…]

Top 5 Reasons Portland is a Great City for eBiking

This is a guest article written by PDXebiker.  PDXebiker lives, works, and ebikes in Portland, OR. He discovered ebiking as an alternative to driving his commute, and hasn’t driven a commute in the year and a half since he first got hooked. He rides a converted old Schwinn cruiser, and regularly tows his dog in a trailer behind him. His blog can be found at pdxebiker.org, and he tweets under the name @pdxebiker.

Top 5 Reasons Portland is a Great City for eBiking

1) Portland is a great ebike city, because it’s also an awesome bike city. Years of work has resulted in lots of dedicated infrastructure already in place, and there are efforts being made to [Read more…]