Making Electric Bikes More Affordable

Sometimes people get sticker shock when they hear that an electric bike will cost a few thousand dollars.

What you should factor into the equation is that using an electric bike to commute and run some errands that you would normally use your car for will be saving you money that is normally spent on gas, oil changes, maintenance of the car, and parking fees.

With that in mind the overall cost of an electric bike is not so bad considering it is one of the least expensive electric vehicles available!

To make it even more reasonable there are a few financing programs available that make owning an electric bike easier than paying the full cost up front.  The following are a few of the programs available.

1. First of all, check with your local electric bike shop to see if they have a financing program set up.  GE and Citi have partnerships with some of the local shops.  And here is one from Way2Go Leasing.

2. There are the new peer to peer loans that are becoming popular and offer competitive loans.  Here are the two most [Read more…]