Living Instead of Existing: Losing Nearly 300 Pounds w/ Help From an E-Bike [VIDEO]

Rhonda Martin before afterOn February 7, 2012 Rhonda Martin weighed 457 pounds and she “decided I was tired of just existing and wanted to live again.”

She now has lost nearly 300 pounds thanks to a healthier diet and an exercise routine that includes riding a Pedego City Commuter electric bike.

Riding her electric bike was a way to initially get some exercise and have some fun.

She now rides her Pedego 38 miles round trip to work in addition to recreational rides with her husband.

In addition to losing the weight she has also become a competitive triathlete [Read more…]

E-Bike News: New Rides, Snow E-Biking, Drift E-Trike, E-Cargo Bikes, E-Bike Share, & More! [VIDEOS]

The Swiss Cruiser Happy Maker electric bike.

The Swiss Cruiser Happymaker electric bike.

Checkout the Swiss Cruiser Happymaker electric bike! I just got word that they will be available in the US soon.

Speaking of new e-bikes, Stromer recently released a bunch of info on their new high tech Stromer ST2 electric bike!

The Gi Bike is a futuristic looking electric bike that is a full size folding bike.

Here is a video teaser of the wild looking Gi Bike! [Read more…]

E-Bike News: ShareRoller Portable Kit, Ford E-Bike, Kia E-Bikes, Leaos Carbon, & More! [VIDEOS]

ShareRoller is a portable friction drive electric bike kit that can be quickly added or [Read more…]

Help Pedego Electric Bikes Win a Superbowl Ad! [VIDEO]

Pedego Electric Bikes is entered in a contest called Intuit Small Business Big Game where the winner will win an all expenses paid 30 second advertisement during the Superbowl!

If Pedego wins the ad spot it would translate to 121 million viewers learning about Pedego and electric bikes in general!

This is a chance to raise electric bike awareness in a very big way.

Checkout this video that Pedego put together for the contest.   [Read more…]

The Electric Bike Scene at Interbike – Part 4 – E-Bike Picture Extravaganza!

In this final installment of electric bike coverage from Interbike (largest bicycle tradeshow in the US) I have a picture slideshow of some of the many e-bike sights from the show.

Some of these bikes were shown in the video coverage from the previous 3 parts but some of them are new to the coverage.

Here are the [Read more…]

New Ford Electric Bike Powered by Pedego

This is a press release from Pedego Electric Bikes.

In a move that is sure to surprise a lot of drivers, Ford Motor Company is about to transform two-wheeled travel. No, not motorcycles – bicycles. Actually, electric bicycles.

Such light electric vehicles have been around for a while, but now Ford Motor Company has partnered with California-based Pedego Electric Bikes to offer a product with revolutionary style, engineering and quality: The Ford Electric Bicycle. [Read more…]

E-Bike News: Benelli E-Bikes, Win a Pedego, Rubbee Friction Drive, & More! [VIDEOS]

Benelli (a motorcycle company) has introduced 2 e-bike models of what they are calling the Benelli E-Classica.  They are front hub motor e-bikes with the battery in the downtube of the frame.

Enter to win one of 10 Pedego Electric Bikes being given away!  Contest ends September 12, 2013 and you must be at least 18 and a US citizen.

Here is a great article on the transportation trends in Europe: “Are Electric Bicycles Catching Cars As Europe’s Favored Transport?

Men’s Fitness just published [Read more…]

E-Bike News: Flying E-Bike, Tour of Iceland, UMass Police, & More! [VIDEOS]

Yes that’s right, a flying electric bike!  I wouldn’t mind taking it for a ride.  Maybe this traditional 2 wheeled bike thing is outdated; maybe we should be focusing on flying. Kidding, kidding 🙂  More info.

A tour of Iceland on eFlow electric bikes; does that get your attention?   [Read more…]

San Diego Kilowatt Hour – Electric Bike Group Rides!

This is a guest post from Turbo Bob!

Yes, San Diego is a hot spot for bikes. So of course, it’s even hotter for E-bikes. With many E-bike shops here in town, and several of the major E-bike companies headquartered here or nearby in Orange County and Los Angeles, you know they are popular. Ever since my wife and I got our electric-assist bikes almost five years ago, I’ve been noticing them all over.

I’ve been lucky to strike-up friendships with [Read more…]

The Electric Bike Scene at Interbike 2012 – Part 3

Want more electric bike pictures and video from Interbike?  Okay let’s dive in!  Make sure you checkout Part 1 and Part 2 if you haven’t already.

Ohm Electric Bikes had a their newly updated XU700 e-bike on display in a few places around the show.  The new frame looks pretty cool with its hydro formed aluminum tubes.  They have got a futuristic look going for this 2014 model! [Read more…]