Battery Care & Tips for E-Bikes & Pedelecs

Guest post by Edward Benjamin, Senior Managing Director of eCycleElectric Consultants LLC. 

Electric bikes are equipped with a wide variety of batteries, and this guide will provide basics on the prevention of damage, and care for such diverse systems.

But it is important that the reader refer to the specific instructions given in the owner’s manual for their bike, their battery, and their charger. If you do not have that document, check on line – many such manuals are posted at the website of the brand.  Or contact the [Read more…]

Prodeco Outlaw SS Electric Bike Review

Wow!  Are you looking for a fast and powerful “muscle e-bike”?  If so, then you should check out the Prodeco Outlaw SS electric bike!

The appearance, component spec, and price point ($2,199) of this USA assembled e-bike definitely make it stand out!

Make sure you check out the video, large pictures and specifications of the Prodeco Outlaw SS to get familiar with this fast and [Read more…]

Prodeco Outlaw SS Electric Bike Specs, Video & Pictures

The highly anticipated Prodeco Outlaw SS recently arrived for ride testing and review!

This first post in the review will give you an idea of what this electric mountain bike is all about with info on the bike’s specifications, a video of it in action, and a bunch of pictures!

The Outlaw SS is unique in that it can go up to 28 mph with [Read more…]