2015 IZIP Electric Bikes: Sumo Fat E-Bike, Peak DS, & More [VIDEOS & PICS]

izip sumo fat electric bike

“Fat” electric bikes were a hit at this year’s Interbike and IZIP presented their E3 Sumo that features 4″+ wide tires with the TransX 350 watt mid drive system.

Following in the new off road electric bike options is the new IZIP E3 Peak DS, a full suspension e-mtb with 120 mm of travel front and rear and the TransX 350 mid drive.

And that is not all that is new for 2015. A lot of the existing models have improvements in [Read more…]

E-Bike News: ShareRoller Portable Kit, Ford E-Bike, Kia E-Bikes, Leaos Carbon, & More! [VIDEOS]

ShareRoller is a portable friction drive electric bike kit that can be quickly added or [Read more…]

IZIP E3 Path+ Electric Bike Review [VIDEO]

Quiet, smooth, solid, powerful, comfortable and fun!  That about sums up the all new and improved 2014 IZIP E3 Path+ electric bike.

Currie Technologies revamped their previous IZIP Path by maintaining the commuter/recreational style while upgrading the electric assist system with a new TranzX system that features their new proprietary Currie Electro-Drive firmware.

The new system includes a super quiet 500 watt direct drive motor, 48V 8.8ah lithium battery, a large LCD display, and convenient control pad. [Read more…]

IZIP E3 Path+ Electric Bike Video, Pictures, & Specs (2014)

Currie Technologies just release their new and improved 2014 IZIP E3 Path+ electric bike!

The new Path+ follows along the same commuter style theme as the previous IZIP Path, but the new 2014 Path+ gets an upgraded electrical system with a powerful motor (500 watts), large LCD display, convenient control pad, and a larger lithium battery (48V 8.8ah).

In this first part of the review there are a BUNCH of detailed pictures and specifications to get you familiar with the 2014 Path+. [Read more…]

New 2014 Haibike, eFlow, & IZIP E Bikes from Currie Tech. Lots of Pictures!

This is a press release from Currie Technologies.

During the last two years, Europe has seen a significant growth in the off-road and urban high performance e-bike category. At last year’s Interbike, Currie introduced to the North American market the eFlow Nitro, a performance commuter bike designed by Swiss design firm Flow AG.

At the 2012 Taipei Cycle Show, the eFlow Nitro won an iF Gold Award during the International Bicycle Design Competition, the only electric bicycle to ever receive this award.

For 2014 Currie is expanding its offerings with additional eFlow and IZIP performance oriented models, and will be the exclusive North American distributor for Germany’s Haibike Xduro line of e-bikes. [Read more…]

San Diego Kilowatt Hour – Electric Bike Group Rides!

This is a guest post from Turbo Bob!

Yes, San Diego is a hot spot for bikes. So of course, it’s even hotter for E-bikes. With many E-bike shops here in town, and several of the major E-bike companies headquartered here or nearby in Orange County and Los Angeles, you know they are popular. Ever since my wife and I got our electric-assist bikes almost five years ago, I’ve been noticing them all over.

I’ve been lucky to strike-up friendships with [Read more…]

Electric Bike Review: IZIP E3 Path

The IZIP E3 Path has a European commuter styling.

If you are in the market for a fun commuter electric bike with European styling you should definitely checkout the IZIP E3 Path.  It is a bike that combines an efficient ride with a comfortable up right position that will make you look forward to your next ride!

At a price of $1699 the Path offers a lot of value with the quality of its components and overall style.  Just be aware that the Path is designed for mellow riding; it will not [Read more…]

IZIP E3 Path Electric Bike: Specs, Video & Pictures

The commuter style IZIP E3 Path electric bike.

The Currie Technologies IZIP E3 Path just rolled in for review and here is a preview of this new electric bike.

This is a bike that is all about commuting, city cruising and all around fun!  It has an upright position combined with the larger wheels and skinnier tires that make this a good bike for the urban environment.

Checkout the video, pictures and [Read more…]