Portugal to Cyprus via a UK Immigration Interrogation

ebike cycle tourists 1By Gary Corbett

With 17,073kms on the odometer and the world e-bike long distance record now safely in our keeping, the e-Bike Cycle Tourists jetted off from Portugal to Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean today.

But far from planning a holiday in the winter sun on the island that is renowned as the mythological birth place of Aphrodite, the plan is to continue e-biking on a daily basis to continue to add to our kilometer total while waiting out our European Schengen visa exclusion period.

While excited to discover everything that Cyprus has to offer over the next three months, we were both [Read more…]

E-Bike Cycle Tourists Set New World E-Bike Long Distance Record

ebike cycle tourists 3By Gary Corbett

We did it!! After 901 hours of cycling over 220 days at an average of 75 kilometres per day through 12 countries in Europe and the United Kingdom, the e-Bike Cycle Tourists have finally set a new world e-bike long distance record.

The old mark of 16,047kms (9971 miles) – which was set by German Maximilian Semsch who circumnavigated Australia in 2012 – was finally passed on a sunny winter’s day in the Algarve region of Portugal much to our collective delight.

The achievement was celebrated with high fives, hugs and kisses, lunch at a restaurant, a photo session and, of course, a [Read more…]

Cycling to a New World E-Bike Long Distance Record in Portugal, Cyprus & Beyond

ebike cycle tourists 7By Gary Corbett

Eight months, 14,300 kilometres and countless adventures after setting out from London in April to set a new world e-bike record of well in excess of 16,047kms, the e-Bike Cycle Tourists are currently in Portugal sitting out the European winter in style.

While the kilometres continue to mount on daily rides on our Haibike Trekking xDuro e-bikes through the amazing southern Algarve region of Portugal, after six months of living in a tent we have both embraced the opportunity to come “home” each day to a comfortable casa [Read more…]

e-Bike Cycle Tourists’ Haibike xDuro RX Trekking Electric Bike Review After 12,000kms

Haibike Trekking RX electric bikeBy Gary Corbett.

At approximately the half way mark of the e-Bike Cycle Tourists world e-bike long distance record ride, the time has come for us to review our Haibike xDuro RX Trekking Electric Bikes as supplied by sponsor e-bikeshop.co.uk

In the lead-up to setting out on our record-breaking ride, which has now seen us cycle more than 12,000 kilometres through 11 countries over seven months, the number one priority was to source an e-bike that ticked all of the boxes needed to successfully complete a self-contained long distance cycle tour of more than 20,000kms while towing a fully laden trailer. [Read more…]

The Statistics of the e-Bike Cycle Tourists World Record Ride after 11,682kms

e bike cycle tourists 1By Gary Corbett.

At what is effectively the half way mark of the e-Bike Cycle Tourists attempt to set a new world e-bike long distance record – give or take 2,000 or so kilometres – the time has come to look at and assess all of our equipment.

Over the next few weeks we will review everything we have been using from our Haibike xDuro Trekking e-bikes and Tout Terrain trailers to our [Read more…]

Cycling Towards a New World e-Bike Record

ebike cycle tourists 6By Gary Corbett

After six months and 11,682 kilometres the e-Bike Cycle Tourists are once again back in London preparing for the next stage of our e-bike world record attempt.

With a paltry 4,365 kilometres now required to break the existing world record of 16,047kms, our new goal is to not only beat the existing record set by German adventurer Maximilian Semsch, but to set an imposing new record. [Read more…]

Passing the 10,000 km Mark on Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way 

ebike cycle touristsBy Gary Corbett

By any standard it has been a big week for the e-Bike Cycle Tourists after passing the 10,000 kilometres mark while cycling towards a new world long distance e-bike record.

With the current record of 16,047 kms well within our sights, our eventual aim now is to clock up 20,000 kms or more to set a new, imposing, record.

The fact that the 10,000 km mark was reached on the west coast of Ireland was significant for a couple of reasons. Ireland, despite a complete lack of cycling infrastructure, has completely blown us away with its sheer beauty and the incredibly warm welcome we have received from everyone we have met. [Read more…]

The Highs and Lows of e-Bike Cycle Touring

e-bike cycle tourists 2By Gary Corbett

Twelve weeks and 6,400 kilometres after setting out to set a new world e-bike long distance record the time has come to look back at some of the more memorable moments we have and have not enjoyed as we have weaved our way through England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium and Holland.

As we have discovered time and time again you never know what is going to happen next or what you will discover around the next corner.

In many ways it is the anticipation of the unknown that is the x factor that has us buzzing with excitement each morning as we prepare to set off on [Read more…]

Onto Germany & Switzerland After E-Bike Touring Across France [VIDEO]

e-bike cycle tourists 1By Gary Corbett.

After 32 days and 2,229 kilometres of cycling in France, the e-Bike Cycle Tourists have finally moved onto Switzerland and Germany in search of more kilometres on the odometer and even more adventures.

But no matter what happens over the coming days and months, it will take a lot of [Read more…]

1,000 km Completed – 15,000 km to Go. E-Bike Cycle Tourists in France

bosch 1000 kmBy Gary Corbett.

In more ways than one it has been a big week for the e-Bike Cycle Tourists.

Not only did we clock up our first 1000 kilometres of our overall target –now 1381 kms – to cycle in excess of 16,047 kms to set a new world e-bike long distance record, but we also made the much anticipated ferry crossing from Plymouth in the UK to Roscoff in France.

After two weeks of being overawed by the scenery as we cycled through the south of the UK from London to Plymouth, we have found that [Read more…]