eBike News: Rim Motors, eCargo Food Delivery, Win an eBike, Winter eMTB Riding, & More! [VIDEOS]

velogical-velospeederIn this week’s eBike news roundup: 

  • Lightweight rim motors
  • New friction drive motor
  • Enter to win a $4,000 eBike
  • Food delivery with electric cargo bikes
  • Winter eMTB riding in France
  • And more!

Velospeeder Now Available for Bromptons

Velogical is an ingenious German engineering firm who, after developing the highly efficient and tiny Velogical rim dynamo, [Read more…]

No More Flat Tires: Gecko Cellular Rubber Punctureless Tires

Gecko tires 1By Richard Peace

Solid and cellular tyres are one of those bicycle design ideas that potentially hold huge practical advantages; no punctures and none of the extra time and delay that entails and the need to carry round a spare tube, tools and pump with you.

But product launches of solid tyres over the years have come and gone and reviews of them in the cycling press have been almost universally deeply critical.

Attempts were lambasted as extremely harsh to ride and at worst dangerous, with the danger of tyres coming off the rim or skidding on the road surface. At best they were hard to ride with huge rolling resistance and a jarring, uncomfortable ride.

In 2015 South Korean company Tannus launched their ‘solid’ tyre, actually made of foamed polymer which was the first bicycle non-pneumatic tyre to be generally well-received, though [Read more…]