Gocycle G2 Electric Bike Review Part 2: Ride & Range Test [VIDEO]

Gocycle sideAfter spending some time and miles on the Gocycle G2 it is apparent that this is one of the most versatile and feature rich electric bikes that I have ever tested and reviewed.

It has a lot of high tech features (electronic shifting, smartphone app ride customization, one sided wheels, etc.) but the design is focused on being easy to ride with little maintenance to worry about. [Read more…]

Welcome to the World of Electric Bikes

ProdecoTech Stride 500 electric bike.

ProdecoTech Stride 500 electric bike.

If you are new to electric bikes then this article will help you get a quick understanding of what electric bikes are all about.

You will learn about;

  • the reasons to have an e-bike,
  • how fast and how far they go,
  • how much they cost,
  • the different types of e-bikes,
  • what the future of e-bike looks like,
  • and how to checkout electric bikes in your town/city.

[Read more…]

Currie Technologies Launches E3 Compact Electric Portable Folding Bike

Currie Technologies IZIP E3 Compact folding electric bike.

This is a press release from Currie Technologies.

Collaboration between Currie Technologies and Dahon Bicycles.

Chatsworth, Calif. – September 4, 2012 – Transportation just got easier with the IZIP E3 Compact™, a new folding electric bicycle by Currie Technologies® in [Read more…]

Electric Bike Review: BH Emotion Volt Folding Electric Bike

The Emotion Volt electric bike folded up.

Folding electric bikes are a new up and coming niche in the e-bike market and I recently had a chance to ride and test the Emotion Volt folding e-bike.  If you are in the market for a high quality folding e-bike you should check out this review!

Take this bike with you where ever you go: in the trunk of a car/taxi, on a bus, on a subway, on a train, on a plane (you will need to ship the battery separately because the airline won’t let you fly with a lithium ion battery), on a boat/ferry, on a camel [Read more…]

BH Emotion Volt Folding Electric Bike: Specs, Video and Pictures

Emotion Volt Folding Electric Bike

Here is a preview of the Emotion Volt folding electric bike that I recently rode and tested.  If you are in the market for a folding bike that you can transport easily or store in your apartment you should check out this folding electric bike.

This preview will give you a good idea of the specifications of the bike along with an in depth look at all the parts of the bike, including what it looks like when [Read more…]

Want to Help Design an E-Bike? Checkout Conscious Commuter

Conscious Commuter folding electric bike

Recently at Interbike (the largest bike show in the US) I met with Gabriel Wartofsky, the designer of the Conscious Commuter folding electric bike that is being created for multi modal transportation.  It’s a bike that can bridge the gap between car, train, bus, and/or taxi routes and where you really need to be in dense urban environments.  The idea is that you can use this light, small electric bike for those few miles that other transportation modes don’t work for.  Not only that, but [Read more…]

Electric Bikes + Subway, Bus, Etc. = Sweet Combination!

Do you like the idea of an electric bike, but find yourself being concerned with the range?  Is there an area of town that is not safe to ride your e-bike through?  Never fear, there is a solution to this; combining an electric bike with mass transit options!

The other day I was chatting with an e-bike industry expert/consultant, Ed Benjamin,  about how great this combination is.  So I thought I would talk to the folks at NyceWheels in New York City because they live in a city that is all about mass-transit.

Peter from NyceWheels (not to be confused with me :)) prepared this great article on electric bikes combined with subway and/or bus [Read more…]