Electric Bike Review: BH Emotion Max 700 Road Bike

The Emotion Max 700 is ready for the road!

Are you looking for a road style electric bike that can zip you around your town or let you fly on the open road?  The Emotion Max 700 electric bike may be the e-bike you have been looking for.

First of all this is a bike that is somewhere between a road bike, touring bike and urban street machine.  It has the narrow tires like a road/touring bike and the flat handlebars like an urban street bike with the addition of a suspension fork to smooth things out.

Oh and it can go fast!  This bike has been modified [Read more…]

BH Emotion Max 700 Electric Bike: Specs, Video and Pictures

The BH Emotion Max 700 electric bike.

Here is a preview of the BH Emotion Max 700 electric bike that I recently had a chance to race around!  This is a quick bike made for the zipping around city streets and long rides on country roads.

This post will give you an idea of the specifications of the bike along with a video and pictures that will highlight the features of this urban/touring electric bicycle.

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