Electric Cargo Bike Guide [VIDEOS]

Spicy-Curry-riding-sideOne of the recent developments in the electric bike and traditional bicycle world has been the cargo or utility bike.

Cargo bikes are designed to carry loads that are larger and heavier than a traditional bicycle can carry like passengers, many bags of groceries, boxes, etc.

Electric cargo bikes offer an additional electric assist to the rider which allows them to carry a heavier load for a longer distance.

The electric cargo bike in many cases is a great alternative to driving a car for running errands and commuting to work.

Benefits of an Electric Cargo Bike

The average person who takes the kids to school, commutes to work, and needs to run errands around town can use this type of bike without getting too [Read more…]

Modular Electric Cargo Bike Design from Italy

Electric cargo bikes continue to be a growing trend in the e-bike world.  Here is a modular bike design that allows 3 different configurations; a normal e-bike, a front load e-cargo bike, and a front load e-cargo trike.

This design is from Luca Feletti, who is a recenty graduate of the Industrial Product Design at the University of Ferrara, Faculty of Architecture. “My thesis is on design of an electric cargo bike. This bike is designed to permit three different configurations (e-bike, e-cargo bike, e-cargo trike) but the possibilities of customizing are [Read more…]

The Electric Cargo Bike Revolution! [VIDEO]

There is a revolution in transportation happening right now and it is the electric cargo bike revolution!  I love to ride my e-cargo bike around town instead of driving; it is so much more fun!

Enjoy this video: “(R)Evolutions per Minute: Cargo Bikes in the US – a trailer for the crowd sourced documentary”

From the video producer Liz Canning “Do you love your cargo bike?  Has it changed your life?  Your family?  Your [Read more…]

The Wandertec Tuba Bike Trailer + Your Electric Bike = Car Sized Cargo!

The Wandertec Tuba bike trailer + electric bike. Car, what car?

This is a guest post from my friend Josh Lipton at Wandertec

The combination of electric bikes and bike cargo trailers for local errands and bike commuting is a great pairing.  The new Wandertec TUBA is a bike trailer ideal for local use and really works great for getting a lot done when hooked up behind an ebike.

While developing and testing the TUBA, I’ve used it to pretty much replace my pickup for small loads.  Hooking it up to my ebike, I was able to ride around at my normal speed despite [Read more…]

Electric Bike Review – IZIP E3 Metro

The IZIP Metro electric bike in the red rocks of Sedona AZ

After many miles and cargo carrying trips I have prepared the IZIP Metro electric bike review for you!   This bike was designed to carry your stuff easily over hills and through the headwinds to let you enjoy the ride.  Find out how this bike performed and if it is a fit for you.

The features of this bike:

Make sure you check out the video and pictures [Read more…]

Pizza Delivery By Electric Cargo Bike (In My Town)!

Wouldn’t you like to have your next pizza delivered by electric bike?  Well that could be a reality soon depending on where you live.  I first heard about this happening in Southern California and now it has hit home here in Flagstaff Arizona!  Fratelli Pizza, a local pizza company here in FLG, has added a Thrust electric cargo pizza delivery bike to their fleet of delivery vehicles.

I am particularly excited about electric cargo delivery bikes because they can replace many trips typically travelled by car, especially when considering [Read more…]

Electric Bike News Week of 3-7-11

Bullit electric cargo bike

Greetings from Electric Bike Report!  Here is an electric bike news recap from the week of March 7, 2011.  Lots of cool stuff happening in the electric bike world; city officials riding electric bikes (with a scandal of course!), ebike sales up, tiny folding e-bikes, and more!

Time for the Electric Bike NEWS!

How about a cycling tour of Europe on electric bike?  A company in Europe [Read more…]

Electric Bike News Week of 2-28-11

Panasonic Electric Bike

Happy end of February/early March!  2011 is flying by!  Here is a recap of the electric bike news from the week of February 28, 2011.

Now…..The Electric Bike News!

This article about a “granny e-bike for kids” I found to be pretty funny.  The author at Wired makes some good points in a humorous way [Read more…]

Electric Bike News Week of 1-31-11

Pizza Delivery by Electric Cargo Bike

End o January, early Febuary; time is flying by!  Well this electric bike news recap from the week of January 31, 2011 is full of exciting e-bike happenings 🙂

Time for the electric bike news!

I love this stuff!  Get your Super Bowl pizza delivered by electric cargo bike!  I am so excited about the possibilities for local businesses to use electric cargo bikes for their local deliveries.  Thrust Electric Bikes is the company mentioned in the article.  Also check out B-Line in Portland Oregon, they make deliveries for businesses.

Think your a tough bike rider?  Well check out this video [Read more…]

How Electric Bikes/Trikes Can Inspire Us!

Electric Trike from Trinity Environ

The other day I got an email from Hung Ly, who owns Trinity Environ in Naples, Florida.  He has been inspired by helping others enjoy riding a bike or a trike again.  I liked his email and I want to share it with you.

His email is in response to one of my emails that I send people when they join the Electric Bike Report community.  The title of my e-mail is “Why do I run Electric Bike Report?”.  Hung took my title and reworded [Read more…]