Using Electric Bikes to Cheat in Bike Races [VIDEOS]

vivax electric bike systemOn Sunday, January 29, 2017, the long-running CBS show “60 Minutes” ran a feature story on mechanical doping in professional cycling.

I was traveling and had the show on in my hotel room when my phone started buzzing with incoming texts.

For people who were just learning about mechanical doping for the first time, the broadcast was a revelation.

Still, the only confirmed case of motor doping happened at the 2016 Cyclocross World Championship, which we covered in this story nearly a year ago.

Here is the 60 Minutes segment on mechanical doping: [Read more…]

Riding an Electric Bike is NOT Cheating. Here’s the Data to Prove It [VIDEO]

adam alter electric bike

Adam Alter and his Stromer ST2

By Paul Willerton

As the warm glow of the Texas morning sun rises over the State Capital building in Austin, a cyclist suddenly flashes by.

Flash is the right term. For someone seemingly commuting to work by bike, this one was really moving.

The rider, Adam Alter, is just finishing his 19 mile daily commute from his home in Round Rock to BSX Insight, a company making and using specialized human performance monitoring equipment in Austin.

Alter makes his living helping bike riders monitor and understand how their bodies and muscles, more precisely, are performing. [Read more…]

What is “Motor Doping”?

vivax hidden electric bike motorBy Paul Willerton

On January 30, 2016, traditional, unassisted bicycle racing officially lost another facet of it’s innocence. The scene was the World Cyclocross Championship held in Zolder, Belgium.

At the finish of the women’s Under 23 age class race, it was discovered that Belgian rider Femke van den Driessche had a bike in her pit with a concealed electric motor and battery system.

Cyclocross is a discipline that allows bike changes during races. Cyclocross circuits usually combine paved and off road sections as well as areas riders have to dismount and run with their bikes.

The races last for about one hour. She denies knowing that she was [Read more…]

Lightweight Velocité”Maglev” Hidden Motor Electric Bike

Lightweight velocite maglev electric bike

Is this an electric bike?

Imagine that instead of adding a motor to a bicycle, parts of the bicycle are designed to function as the motor.

In this case the wheel rim contains the motor magnets and the frame houses the inductive coils. The inductive coils use energy from the battery (hidden in the frame downtube) to repel the magnets on the rim to make the wheel spin.

Lightweight calls this “Maglev Transrapid technology” and they claim that this Velocité eBike can go up to 100 kph (62 mph) with its 500 watts of power! [Read more…]