E-Bike News: Hydrogen Fuel Cell, Mainstream Media, E-Bike Share Program & More!

A hydrogen fuel cell powered e-bike called the Gitane Alter Bike uses replaceable (and recyclable) energy cartridges that eliminates the need for a traditional charger!  This system would allow you to travel long distances by installing new cartridges.  You wouldn’t have to wait for your battery to charge.  Pretty interesting….

A writer for the LA Times recently got a Pedego City Commuter and has realized the benefits of e-bike commuting compared to commuting by car.  This kind of mainstream media is great for getting more people excited about e-bikes.

Speaking of the mainstream media, the Chicago Tribune recently ran an article about electric bikes growing in popularity [Read more…]

Electric Bike Battery Basics: What are these Volts & Amp Hours?

Electric Bike Batteries: They aren’t that complex.

Alright!  You are getting excited about the electric bike scene and you start looking around at some e-bikes, but what do volts, amp hours, watt hours mean?  Well I aim to answer some of these questions for you here!

The terminology for electric bike batteries can seem a little foreign at first but I think the following will relate it to some typical car terms that may make more sense. [Read more…]