Iceland Challenge Short Film: Electric Bike Touring in Iceland! [VIDEO]

In this short film of the Iceland Challenge, the crew from Pedelec Adventures shows off the amazing beauty of Iceland and their adventures on eFlow electric bikes.  Also, the outtakes at the end of the film are pretty funny!

There is a full documentary film (23 minutes) that will be shown at trade shows, film festivals and other events.

Here is a video of the 4,000 km route that they covered in 4 weeks: [Read more…]

VIDEO Interview with Iceland Challenge Electric Bike Team

How does riding eFlow electric bikes around Iceland sound? Well that is what the Pedelec Adventures team from Germany did this summer in a tour called Iceland Challenge!

Susanne Brüsch and Ondra Veltrusky and their team members Uwe Schlemender and Andreas Gutmann set out on their latest adventure to show the world what is possible with electric bikes.

This year at Interbike (large bicycle tradeshow in the US) I had a chance to catch up with Susanne, Uwe, and Andreas and ask them about their adventures in Iceland. [Read more…]

New 2014 Haibike, eFlow, & IZIP E Bikes from Currie Tech. Lots of Pictures!

This is a press release from Currie Technologies.

During the last two years, Europe has seen a significant growth in the off-road and urban high performance e-bike category. At last year’s Interbike, Currie introduced to the North American market the eFlow Nitro, a performance commuter bike designed by Swiss design firm Flow AG.

At the 2012 Taipei Cycle Show, the eFlow Nitro won an iF Gold Award during the International Bicycle Design Competition, the only electric bicycle to ever receive this award.

For 2014 Currie is expanding its offerings with additional eFlow and IZIP performance oriented models, and will be the exclusive North American distributor for Germany’s Haibike Xduro line of e-bikes. [Read more…]

Understanding Electric Bike Modes: Throttle vs. Pedal Assist (Pedelec)

A throttle or pedal assist electric bike: which one will you choose?

There are many different types of electric bikes with different ways of activating the electric assist.

In this article you will learn about the different throttle types (twist grip, thumb, push button), pedal assist types (torque sensor and cadence sensor) and which mode may be best for you. [Read more…]

Currie Tech Teams Up with ’84 Olympic Cycling Silver Medalist, Nelson Vails to Promote “Getting More People on Bikes!”

This is a press release from Currie Technologies®.

Currie Technologies® announced today that they have entered into an agreement with Nelson Vails, the 1984 Olympic cycling silver medalist, to help promote getting more Americans out of their cars and onto bikes.

“I’ve known Nelson since his early days of bike racing, when my Bike-Tech team from Philly would go up against his Toga team from New York” said Larry Pizzi, Currie’s President. “Nelson’s life story is amazing and cycling has played a huge part in his personal success.

Nelson now works diligently to promote recreational cycling through [Read more…]

Currie Technologies To Launch eFlow Electric Bike at Interbike [VIDEO]

Currie Technologies eFlow electric bike with the battery integrated in the seat tube!

Wow, a new electric bike with the battery integrated into the seatpost and a powerful 500 watt motor!  The new eFlow electric bike from Currie Technologies is an interesting design!

Here is the press release from Currie Technologies about this new innovative e-bike:

Press Release

CHATSWORTH, Calif. – August 22, 2012 A new generation of electric bicycle [Read more…]