Electric Bike Battery Fires and How to Prevent Them [VIDEO]

A lithium ion electric bike battery pack with its cells exposed.By Edward Benjamin, Lead Instructor of the Light Electric Vehicle Association Technician Training.

For a battery of any sort to catch fire is rare. For an electric bicycle battery to catch fire is, perhaps, even more rare.

There are about 220 million electric bikes in daily service around the globe, and fires are so rare as to attract [Read more…]

The USA Electric Bike Market Numbers

This is a guest post by Edward Benjamin and Audra Poynter, eCycleElectric Staff

With a population of more than 316 Million people, buying about 15 million normal bicycles most years, and a demographic that is shifting to an older, but active generation of baby boomers…the USA seems a natural market for electric powered two wheelers.

The European market, about 742 million people, buying about 20 million bicycles most years, is both larger, and buys fewer bicycles per capita than the USA.

However, much of Europe regards a bicycle of any type as transportation. (As well as for sports, fitness, and recreation.) This is a cultural norm and in such cultures ebike markets grow more quickly.

The USA is almost universal in [Read more…]

The Electric Bike of the Future Will be Social, Smart, Entertaining, & Talking to Traffic All The Time

The future of electric bikes will be highly networked!

This is a guest post from Edward Benjamin, Senior Managing Director of eCycleElectric LLC, and Chairman of Light Electric Vehicle Association (LEVA).

For nearly 20 years, I have watched engineers, inventors and designers steadily improving electric powered two wheelers. Improving performance, reliability, and appearance in nearly every aspect in every market.

Some of the electric bikes of today are truly marvelous. We have inexpensive bikes that successfully carry many millions of people to work every day. We have electric mountain bikes that carry [Read more…]

What Happened, What Comes Next: A Recap of Important Events from the 2013 Electric Bike Industry

This is a guest post from Ed Benjamin, Senior Managing Director of eCE and LEVA Chairman.

Reviewing 2013:

The electric bike industry enjoyed a successful year in 2013. Here is recap of what happened in some of the most important markets.

Electric bikes sales in China grew, but slowly. There is now an estimated 170 million electric bikes in use in China and the replacement of aging electric bikes is around [Read more…]

Sid Kuropchak, President of Light Electric Vehicle Association, Succumbs to Cancer.

Sid Kuropchak,President of Light Electric Vehicle Association

Sid Kuropchak, President of Light Electric Vehicle Association

This is very sad news.  Sid was a friend of mine and I will miss her very much.

The following is a press release from the Light Electric Vehicle Association.

Sidney Kuropchak, 61, President of Light Electric Vehicle Association (LEVA), passed away in her sleep, at home, on August 23.  Sid had battled cancer for the last year.

Sid is survived by spouse John Kuropchak and other family members.  A memorial will be scheduled and announced, in about a month.

Professionally, Sid was a co-founder of the Light Electric Vehicle Association, and had served as Executive Director, Board Member, and President.  Sid was just awarded a lifetime achievement award from LEVA.

Her leadership and pleasant management style was responsible for the rapid growth and [Read more…]

Lifetime Achievement Award For Sid Kuropchak, President of Light Electric Vehicle Association

Sid Kuropchak,President of Light Electric Vehicle Association

Sid Kuropchak,President of Light Electric Vehicle Association

This is a press release from the Light Electric Vehicle Association.

The Board of Directors of the Light Electric Vehicle Association (LEVA) is pleased to announce the presentation of a Lifetime Achievement Award to LEVA President and Co-Founder Sid Kuropchak.

“Sid has been the heart and the driving force of the LEVA’s amazing growth since the beginning”. Said Chairman Edward Benjamin. “Our board is grateful for her years of highly effective leadership.”

“Sid’s pleasant and intelligent style has set a tone for the LEVA and it’s activities that we have all benefitted from.”

Sid Kuropchak is currently [Read more…]

USA E-Bike Market Doubles to 159,000 bikes, 908 dealers, & 134 brands!

This is a press release from eCycle Electric International Consultants.

eCycleElectric International Consultants announces results of research into USA ebike market size for 2013.

During the one-year period July 2012 to July 2013, the USA Electric Bike market appears to have doubled over numbers published by Electric Bike Reports WorldWide for 2012.

Searches of Customs and Border Protection records, phone surveys of dealers, Internet searches and interviews of [Read more…]

Glossary of Electric Bike Terms

Guest post by Edward Benjamin, Senior Managing Director of eCycleElectric Consultants LLC. 

AC Current – alternating current is used in electrical mains, but very rarely in Light Electric Vehicles.

Advanced Battery – a battery using NiMH or Lithium cells. Usually requiring a battery management system (BMS). Higher performance and higher cost.

After Market Kit – a kit of components to convert a manual bicycle to an electric bicycle.

Amp – From Ampere, which is a measure of the amount of electrical [Read more…]