E-Bike News: Solar Charging, E-Bike Shares, Free Energy Bike, Hydrogen Bike, & More! [VIDEOS]

Solar electric bike charging stationTime for another e-bike news round up!

Here’s a cool idea; an off-grid solar e-bike charging station that is built into a shipping container! It will be an e-bike charging and rental station in a state park in New Jersey.

That is similar to the Quikbyke e-bike rental franchise that also uses shipping containers with solar charging and will be focused on renting e-bikes to tourists. Here’s a quick video about the Quickbyke setup: [Read more…]

Survey Says: Electric Bikes Enable More People to Ride Bikes, More Often!

Electric bikes = More people riding bikes, more often!

Electric bikes = More people riding bikes, more often! Photo credit to Turbo Bob.

The results are in from a recent electric bike survey: 55% of those surveyed had ridden a traditional bike weekly or daily.  That jumped to 93% after they bought an e-bike!

6% of those surveyed had not ridden a bike as an adult.  With an electric bike, 89% of those now ride daily or weekly!

Those are just a few of the stats from an e-bike survey that was directed by John MacArthur, Sustainable Transportation Program Manager at the Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium (OTREC).  John is also a research associate at  [Read more…]

E-Bike News: Jive Bike, London E-Bike Share, LeBron James, Toyota i-ROAD, E-Bikes & Sustainable Energy, + More! [VIDEOS]

Checkout the Jive Bike, it’s a chainless folding electric bike and the company raised £180,000 on Crowdcube (a crowdfunding website).

BMW has come out with their own electric bike called the Cruise.  Here is more about this Bosch mid drive equipped e-bike.

An electric bike share program is in the works for London, England.  This will be in addition to traditional bikes in the ‘Boris Bike’ network. And here is an article supporting the [Read more…]

Currie Tech & Bike N’ Hike Partner with Drive Oregon to Launch Electric Bicycle Program

This is a press release from Currie Technologies.

Currie Technologies and Bike N’ Hike have partnered with Drive Oregon to launch a final mile eBike pilot program in the Portland metro area for Kaiser Permanente employees.

Currie Technologies and Bike N’ Hike will supply thirty two IZIP E3 Compact eBikes to Drive Oregon.   Drive Oregon landed the funding for the partnership with Kaiser and the Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium at Portland State University.  Drive Oregon will acquire, deploy and study how one hundred and eighty Kaiser employees use the IZIP electric assist bicycles at three designated work sites. [Read more…]

E-Bike News: Super E-Cargo Bike, Pope Gets E-Bike, NY Times & WSJ Coverage, & More [VIDEO]

Checkout this wild cargo bike from EcoSpeed and TiCycles: “EcoSpeed, Ti-Cycles and others collaborate in introducing a brand new urban cargo bike design. The CarGoAway – Utility Horse has room in the front for a whole lot of groceries plus an extra seat in the back for a few passengers.

With the EcoSpeed mid-drive motor system integrated into the design it has the power to haul all of that load up the steepest hills.”  Here is a link to more pictures of this e-cargo bike.  No word on price, but I believe it will be up there!

The Pope was recently gifted a Smart electric bike from the head of Mercedes Benz. [Read more…]