2014 Electric Bike Tech & What To Look Forward to in 2015 [VIDEOS]

stromer st2 smartphone applicationBy Maria Ramos.

With electric bikes increasing in popularity, the technological advancements in 2014 were impressive.

Let’s take a look at the biggest e-bike tech news of the past year, and discuss what we expect to see happen in the electric bike world in 2015. [Read more…]

E-Bike News: New Bosch Tech, Grace, ProdecoTech, E-Bike Touring, E-Mtn Bikes, Harley Davidson?! [VIDEOS]

GRACE MX II Trail electric bikeGrace Electric Bikes will be on display at Interbike this year.  These high tech e-bikes feature the Bosch mid drive system, with Gates belt drive and the NuVinci continuously variable rear hub.

Bosch is working on a new control unit called Nyon. It has e-bike controls, navigation, fitness and smartphone functionality. They are also working on integrated shifting solutions with NuVinci, SRAM, and Shimano. 

SRAM is working with Bosch to offer a semi-automatic drivetrain.  It features an internally geared hub that automatically shifts in addition to a traditional derailleur and cogset that the rider can manually shift……..interesting!

If you are looking for a high tech electric bike then [Read more…]

The Daymak Beast: Off Road Electric Bike with Built-in Solar Recharging! [VIDEO]

The Daymak Beast off road electric bike with built in solar recharging.

The Daymak Beast off road electric bike with built in solar recharging.

This is a press release from Daymak Inc.

Daymak has announced the launch of The Beast, an all-new off-road eBike, completely designed and created in Canada.

The Beast is also street-legal, allowing riders to enjoy it on the trails, in the woods, on rough terrain, or in the city.

Main features include a Daymak solar panel and an enclosed battery pack that recharges continuously.  [Read more…]