eBike News: DHL Cubicycle, More Bikes Than Cars, Expo Highlights, Video Cam & Light, & More! [VIDEOS]

In this week’s eBike news roundup:

  • DHL’s new fleet of pedal electric cargo delivery vehicles 
  • Copenhagen now has more bikes than cars!
  • Elby & Riese & Müller design award & honor
  • Long Beach Expo highlights
  • EVELO 4 year warranty
  • More mobile bike shops
  • Copenhagen Wheel & Haibike in mainstream media
  • Rear view video camera & light system
  • And much more!

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2015 Haibike Electric Mountain Bikes & Street Bikes [VIDEOS]

haibike fat six electric bike frameHaibike is bringing a bunch of their Bosch powered electric bikes to the US market for 2015.

And that includes the new Fat Six; a fat e-bike (4″+ wide tires!) with the Bosch mid drive, aluminum frame, and Rock Shox suspension fork.

Bosch has set up shop in the US and Haibike is the brand that has the most Bosch equipped e-bikes in the US.

These new Haibikes were presented at Interbike (largest bicycle trade show in the US) 2014 in Las Vegas.

Haibike’s were such a hit at the show that the Haibike XDURO FS RX won the Interbike award for best electric bike! [Read more…]

Electric Bike News: E-Bike Skiing, Copenhagen E-Bike Share, Optibike B.E.A.S.T, Magnic Light & More! [VIDEOS]

Drummer Electric Bikes is a new e-bike company on the scene with 5 different models including an electric cargo trike.   Their DBO-7 model definitely have an interesting design with the battery mounted in a frame tube behind the seat post.

I like the title of the this article “Here’s Why The Next Generation of Electric Bikes Will Be Awesome“.  The author highlights the benefits of the new Copenhagen Wheel and FlyKly Smartwheel all-in-one electric bike kits.

Optibike has partnered with the Boulder Colorado B-cycle bike sharing program.  They have provided an Optbike to pull a trailer that carries other bikes!  “The concept behind the B-cycle Electric-Assist Service Trailer (B.E.A.S.T) was to [Read more…]

E-Bike News Highlights Week of 11-22-10 [VIDEO]

Here is VIDEO recap of the electric bike news from the week of November 22, 2010.  This is just a quick overview of the news and other ebike things that caught my eye as I surfed through the web looking for cool electric bike happenings!

If you would rather read about this news, you can it out the e-bike news here.

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