How to Start Commuting on an Electric Bike – Best Strategies You Need to Know!

Omni Wheel bikeBy David Rodenhiser.

One of the many things people consider when making a lifestyle change is how to make their commute to work simpler and less of a hassle.

They think: wouldn’t it be great to eliminate the pain of being stuck in traffic and then parking your car. The expense of gas, maintenance, tolls and parking.

Or waiting for public transit and making connections that slow [Read more…]

81 Year Old Man Comes Out of Retirement as an “Excuse” to Commute by Electric Bike!

Guest post by Cathy Lau from Ohm Electric Bikes.

Jean Dion is not your typical bike commuter, but he is certainly a devoted one.

Unlike most commuters who choose to bike because they need to get to work one way or another, Jean is an 81 year old retiree who has started working again as an excuse and incentive to commute by electric bike.

To him, cycling is critical to [Read more…]