How to Start Commuting on an Electric Bike – The Gear – Part 2

electric bike commutingBy David Rodenhiser. Make sure you read part 1 of this article.

Now, on to your gear:

There’s a fair bit to cover here. How should your bike be equipped? What do you need for clothing? How will you carry it and other cargo? What about mechanical malfunctions?

As far as equipment, there’s a number of things to consider.

First, how to carry your cargo? I recommend that at least you have a  [Read more…]

Review of the Urbana Current Electric Bike

Urbana CurrentThis is a guest post from Ted Johnson at Commute by Bike.

The Current is an Urbana bike integrated with a BionX electric assist system. We’ve had a really, really, long term test of this bike — like more than a year.

At first it was, Oh God! It’s so cute! Can I ride it can I ride it?

And now it’s, Hey, I’m taking the Urbana to my proctologist appointment. Be back in an hour.

And by that, I mean it has become our go-to e-bike for [Read more…]

The Wandertec Tuba Bike Trailer + Your Electric Bike = Car Sized Cargo!

The Wandertec Tuba bike trailer + electric bike. Car, what car?

This is a guest post from my friend Josh Lipton at Wandertec

The combination of electric bikes and bike cargo trailers for local errands and bike commuting is a great pairing.  The new Wandertec TUBA is a bike trailer ideal for local use and really works great for getting a lot done when hooked up behind an ebike.

While developing and testing the TUBA, I’ve used it to pretty much replace my pickup for small loads.  Hooking it up to my ebike, I was able to ride around at my normal speed despite [Read more…]