eFlow E3 Nitro Electric Bike Review

It is exciting times in the electric bike world! To prove that I would like to introduce you to the innovative eFlow E3 Nitro electric bike.

This urban, sporty, e-bike machine has done something entirely different with the battery and placed it in the seatpost of the bike! The location of the battery pack is a moving target right now in the e-bike world. The battery can be placed on the rear rack, behind the

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eFlow E3 Nitro Electric Bike Specs, Video, & Pictures

The eFlow E3 Nitro has landed at EBR! This is a sporty, urban style electric bike with a unique twist: the battery is hidden in the seatpost!

This is part 1 of the eFlow E3 Nitro electric bike review and it will give you an idea of what this bike is all about with info on the specifications, an in depth video with riding footage and a walk through of the eFlow features, and a bunch of pictures highlighting the

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Clean Republic Hill Topper Electric Bike Kit Review

Time for the full review of the Clean Republic Hill Topper electric bike kit!

Make sure you checkout this post about the kit’s specifications and how the installation of the kit went. ┬áThere are a few videos and a bunch of pictures!

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