Electric Bike Shop Provides Solar Charging Station!

Electric Bike Solar Charging Station at the New Wheel! Sol Design Lab makes the SolarPump charging station.

Electric bike shop, The New Wheel, in San Francisco recently installed a solar charging station in the front of the store to charge the shops bikes and allow customers to charge their e-bikes, smartphones, laptops, etc.

The cool thing about electric bikes is that they don’t take very much energy to get you around town.  That makes charging via solar panels very feasible!

The “SolarPump” from Sol Design Lab is the kind of solar charging station that we could see [Read more…]

VIDEO! Electric Bike Sharing Program with Solar Charging Station at University of Tennessee

University of Tennessee Electric Bike Sharing Solar Charging Station

This is the future!  Imagine borrowing an electric bike at your neighborhood solar charging station to run errands around town.  That is what the University of Tennessee (UT) has been working on.

UT has developed the nation’s first fully automated e-bike sharing solar charging station.

Civil and environmental engineering assistant professor Chris Cherry and his team [Read more…]

VIDEO! Danville Community College Tests Electric Bikes.

Danville Community College tests electric bikes.

Danville Community College in Virginia is currently testing electric bikes as a viable form of transportation.  They are conducting a feasibility study to determine the potential for electric bikes to be used in the Danville area.

Pedego, Currie Technologies (IZIP & EZIP) and EZ Pedaler are the 3 brands of electric bikes that they are testing.

The reporter in the video definitely found out how [Read more…]

VIDEO: A Southern California E-Biker Talks About Electric Bike Commuting

Calvin Phuong of Marina del Ray, California uses an electric bike for commuting and fun!

With gas prices on the rise and the summer months approaching, people are starting to look at electric bikes as a viable commuting alternative to driving a car.

This video caught my eye because Calvin Phuong of Marina del Ray, California decided to use an electric bike to replace some of the in town commuting he normally does with his truck.

Calvin says that the electric bike is a great way for him to commute around town without [Read more…]

VIDEO: Gas Prices on the Rise. Time for an Electric Bike!

Hmmmm.....Time for an electric bike?

Wow!  Gas prices are on the rise…..and quickly; they went up 10 cents during the time this video was created!

Check out this video from ABC News about rising gas prices, how people are reacting, and where your money goes when you buy gasoline.  Also note that some of these people feel that they are powerless when it comes to these rising prices.  Maybe they need to consider an electric bike 🙂

Here is something else to consider: the 10 cent rise in gas prices during the video is about the cost of [Read more…]

Pizza Delivery By Electric Cargo Bike (In My Town)!

Wouldn’t you like to have your next pizza delivered by electric bike?  Well that could be a reality soon depending on where you live.  I first heard about this happening in Southern California and now it has hit home here in Flagstaff Arizona!  Fratelli Pizza, a local pizza company here in FLG, has added a Thrust electric cargo pizza delivery bike to their fleet of delivery vehicles.

I am particularly excited about electric cargo delivery bikes because they can replace many trips typically travelled by car, especially when considering [Read more…]

The E-Bike Lifestyle: Saving Money, Low Sweat, & Cheating?

This is a guest post from Peter Rosenfeld; not to be confused with me!  Peter Rosenfeld lives outside of Philadelphia and is starting his third year of riding a Bionx electric bicycle.

Why Do You Ride an E-Bike?

I get a lot of questions about why I ride a bicycle with electric assist and what are the costs involved.

The why WAS pretty easy. As a long-time bicycle commuter and recreational bicyclist, I hope to ride a bicycle well into my golden years. But about five years ago [Read more…]

The Electric Bike: Conveniences of a Car with the Advantages of a Bicycle

The word is getting out and people are enjoying electric bikes!

I have been thinking of quick ways to describe what an electric bike is all about to someone that has no idea what an electric bike is.

Sometimes quick catchy sounds bites can really help someone visualize what these e-bikes are all about.

So far I have come up with this; “Electric bikes combine some conveniences of a car with the advantages of a bicycle”.

Now, I am not saying that this captures the whole idea [Read more…]

Electric Bike News Week of 2-7-11

Brompton folding electric bike

Brompton folding electric bike

It’s time for an electric bike news recap from the week of February 7, 2011!  As usual there is a lot of cool electric bike happenings in the world.  This week there were a lot of videos.  Check it out!

And now…the e-bike news!

How would you like to ride a wireless electric bike?  Sounds cool to me.

I really like this idea: testing an electric bike for a two week trial period to “test before you invest”.  That is what the community group has put together.  I have [Read more…]

Electric Bikes Part of the Sydney Australia Sustainable Transport Plan

Bike paths being built in Sydney Australia

This is a guest post from Nina at Reef Bikes of Australia.

Worldwide, cities are remodeling themselves and investing in more sustainable transport alternatives. There have been huge investments in improving public transport, building cycle path and pedestrian infrastructure, with the aim of reducing their greenhouse emissions, cleaning the air, and reducing traffic congestion and reliance on cars.

It is shocking that in parts of Australia the transport sector accounts [Read more…]