LEED 250 Watt & 500 Watt Electric Bike Kit Review [VIDEO]

Leed 250 watt electric bike kit reviewBy Paul Willerton

There is beauty in simplicity. Consider the bicycle. Without electric assist, the most efficient human powered machine known to man.

With electric assist, the bicycle climbs off the charts. Still, many are intimidated by the bike – and particularly the electric assist bicycle.

Some electric systems can be complex. The influx of high-end, mid-drive motor systems have brought a surge of attention to the ebike, including a following of younger, more experienced riders.

At the other end of the spectrum is a much larger group of riders.
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IZIP E3 Compact Folding Electric Bike Review

The IZIP E3 Compact is an electric bike that is designed to go almost anywhere.  It is easily foldable, lightweight (for an e-bike), simple, and fun to ride!

Folding electric bikes are very handy for travel or if you live and/or work in a place that has limited storage areas.

They are also great if you use other forms of transportation like the bus, train, subway, taxi, etc. during your commute.

Since they can be folded or unfolded in less than a minute it makes for [Read more…]

IZIP E3 Compact Electric Bike Video, Pictures, & Specs

The Currie Technologies IZIP E3 Compact electric bike is in for review and I would like to show off the details of this folding electric bike.

This is part 1 of the IZIP E3 Compact electric bike review and it will give you an idea of what this bike is all about with a bunch of pictures, and info on the specifications of this folding e-bike. [Read more…]

EVELO Luna Electric Bike: Specs, Video & Pictures

The EVELO Luna electric bike with mid drive motor.

The EVELO Luna recently arrived here at Electric Bike Report and I want to share some of the features of this step through mid drive electric bike with you.

The mid drive motor is one of the more unique features of this electric bike.  Mid drive motors provide power through the cranks of the bike to assist you with your [Read more…]