IZIP E3 Peak+ Electric Bike Review Part 2: Ride & Range Test [VIDEO]

IZIP E3 Peak+ If you are looking for a fun all terrain electric mountain bike that can roll over almost anything while still being fairly nimble then you should checkout the IZIP E3 Peak+. 

The IZIP E3 Peak+ has nearly 3″ wide “Plus” size tires with the high quality Bosch Performance Line CX for riding up and over all sorts of terrain.

At $3,099 the Peak+ offers a lot of fun, performance, and value for this new category of Plus size wheel eMTB’s.

In this second part of the full review you will get an idea of the ride characteristics, range test results, pros, cons, and overall thoughts on this electric bike. [Read more…]

eBike News: High-Tech eTrike, Solar eBike Tours, Grocery Deliveries, Car-Free Cities, & More! [VIDEOS]

iris_eco_beauty_shotIn this week’s eBike news roundup: 

  • High-tech enclosed recumbent Sinclair eTrike
  • New Orbea Katu e50 eBike
  • Solar eBike tour to promote solar energy
  • Cities going car-free
  • Grocery deliveries with cargo eBikes
  • Interview with mountain bike legend Gary Fisher
  • And more!

UK’s Sinclair Brand Is Back

If you are British and of a certain age you may well remember the media frenzy surrounding the [Read more…]

IZIP E3 Peak+ Electric Bike Review Part 1 – Pictures & Specs

izip-e3-peak-electric-mountain-bike-5The all terrain 2017 IZIP E3 Peak+ with nearly 3″ wide off road tires and Bosch mid-drive system has arrived for testing and review!

This 27.5″ Plus size wheel eMTB features the Bosch Performance Line CX 350 watt mid-drive and a nice mix of components for $3,099.

In this first part of the review you will get a detailed look at this bike with a BUNCH of pictures and the specifications. [Read more…]