The Specialized Turbo E-Bike Now Available in the US! [VIDEO]

It’s here…..the fast Specialized Turbo electric bike, previously only available in parts of Europe, has now landed in the US!

As the name implies, this e-bike is meant to give your pedal power a Turbo boost!  Specialized uses the phrase “It’s you, only faster”.

The Specialized Turbo and your pedal power can motor up to around 28 mph using a 250 watt high torque motor and a 36V 9.5ah (342 Wh) lithium ion battery pack.

This is a pure pedal assist bike (pedelec); there is no throttle option.  So that means you have to be pedaling 🙂  There are 4 levels of pedal assist in addition to a zero assist and a Re-gen mode.

The Re-gen mode turns the motor into a generator and recharges the battery.  Re-gen is handy for a long down hills or if you really want to get a workout!  The Re-gen mode is automatically activated when the rear brake lever is engaged; that is considered regenerative braking.

The battery is integrated into the downtube of the bike.  It can be charged while it is installed on the bike or it can be removed for charging off the bike.

The Turbo frame is an aluminum road style frame designed around 700c wheels.  The component spec consists of a SRAM 10 speed drivetrain, Magura hydraulic disc brakes, various Specialized brand components, integrated LED lights, etc.

Here is a video of the Turbo’s specs as well as some riding footage:

Here is good review of the Specialized Turbo from the folks at CNET.

This is an article and video from the recent Turbo launch event.

And the price…….$5,900!  Specialized is known for going big when they first launch a new bike and then creating more economical bikes later.

What do you think?  Are you interested in the Specialized Turbo?  Please leave your comments below.



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  1. Norm says


    Way too expensive for what it is, and with only a 250W motor.

    What is the country makeup of the frame and components?

    • says

      Very high-spec components on this bike. The Magura break system alone sells for around $700.00.
      250w does seem low, but I’ve seen higher spec bikes that can’t get to 45k with pedal assist, so they have done some engineering. Specialized have a long history of bike design and engineering. At 21lbs, it is amazingly light for a bike that is capable of 45km.
      Now I’m really torn between this and Prodeco’s $5000 29er. Both bikes seem aimed at the same market: high end mountain bike spec, & light weight. Since no one is stocking either yet as far as I can find, it may be a while before good reviews come out for these bikes.

      • says

        I was way off on the weight above! The Turbo is 47.5lbs while the Titanio 29er is 31.8lbs. Still, both rather light bikes, but Prodeco is the clear featherweight champion.

  2. Brad Sloan says

    Sorry the bike is way over priced and under powered. Regen braking does nothing, read and just a selling gimmick. My City Commuter has twice the power, fenders, front and rear lights, has a throttle, five levels of petal assist, will do 25mph at $2600. Basically your report is just an Ad for Specialized.

    • Norm says

      Regen DOES do something, but not too much. In Seattle, going down hills does put stuff back into the battery. I’ve seen the # of power bars on my Bionx increase that way. I just wish it could be more efficient.

      I see this new Specialized e-bike aimed for those with enough money to get something with the best components and panache.

      I’m more interested, though, in what Kalkhoff is bringing to the market.

    • says

      Win, loose, or draw of it’s success – Specialized is a house hold word for a domestic bicycle manufacture that has stepped up to the plate to make e-bikes. Lets face it – as established as Currie and others are – they still do not have the brand name reconition as Specialized within the domestic bicycle community. As for price ? ? There is a way to jusify most anything if the want is strong enoough. Good on Specialized for accerating the promotion of e-bikes with a celeb like Bob Roll.


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