Sid Kuropchak, President of Light Electric Vehicle Association, Succumbs to Cancer.

Sid Kuropchak,President of Light Electric Vehicle Association

Sid Kuropchak, President of Light Electric Vehicle Association

This is very sad news.  Sid was a friend of mine and I will miss her very much.

The following is a press release from the Light Electric Vehicle Association.

Sidney Kuropchak, 61, President of Light Electric Vehicle Association (LEVA), passed away in her sleep, at home, on August 23.  Sid had battled cancer for the last year.

Sid is survived by spouse John Kuropchak and other family members.  A memorial will be scheduled and announced, in about a month.

Professionally, Sid was a co-founder of the Light Electric Vehicle Association, and had served as Executive Director, Board Member, and President.  Sid was just awarded a lifetime achievement award from LEVA.

Her leadership and pleasant management style was responsible for the rapid growth and extensive membership of the LEVA. The LEVA promotes and supports the industry of electric powered two wheelers such as electric bicycles, electric motor scoters, etc. Today the LEVA has more than 250 members in 29 countries.

Sid also acted as the coordinator for eCycleElectric Consulting, a working relationship that lasted more than 15 years. During this time she held key posts at WaveCrest Labs, Ultra Motor USA, and Stone Industrial. Previous to that she was the President of Lauren Manufacturing.

Those who know and worked with Sid held her in high regard. “I depended on Sid to be the wise voice of reason and to remember everything that needed to be done – while charming everyone she came in contact with, for half of my professional life.” Said Edward Benjamin, Chairman of the LEVA. “To say she is missed terribly by her friends and co workers is an understatement. And I know her family must be devastated.”

Sid held a MA in Sociology from Kent State. She was Married to John Kuropchak for  37 years.

Contact: Ed Benjamin, [email protected]

If you knew Sid, please leave a comment below remembering her.  

Thank you.


  1. Pete says

    Sid was a friend of mine and I will miss her very much. She was so friendly and I always enjoyed talking with her. My condolences go out to her family.

  2. Mike Fritz says

    I had the distinct pleasure and priviledge of working with Sid at WaveCrest Laboratories, American Electric Cycle and Fitness, Ultra Motor and eCycleElectric since 2003. No matter who was the ‘boss’ at any of those companies, everyone knew that Sid was in charge. Her natural intelligence, astutue business sense, leadership abilities and pleasant personality helped guide anyone associated with her to be a better professional and more effective coworker. Our industry has suffered a terrible loss. No trade show will ever be the same without looking forward to seeing Sid’s smiling face and the inevitable warm hug that immediately followed. We love you Sid. We miss you terribly. Please rest in peace…

  3. says

    Mike and I are both saddend by the loss of such a key person in the Electric Bicycle Industry, and also my the loss of such a wonderful and caring person as Sid. Our hearts go out to John during this difficult time. We will always remember her happy and fun loving personality. She was the key reason that Bloomfield Bike joined LEVA.
    She will be missed by us her friends and coworkers.

  4. says

    Sid was amazing. One of those incredible people that got along with everyone and was able to bring out the best in others. She will be missed by everyone that has had the pleasure of her interactions.

    Sending thoughts and prayers for her family and friends and may she rest in eternal peace.

  5. Rus Bockin says

    The electric bicycle sector has lost a one of its true sparks.

    Having met and chatted with Sid a number of times, she always presented a professionalism, a strong knowledge base and a true interest in the (e)bicycle industry.

    She will be missed by all who knew her.

    My most sincere condolences to her family and those close to her.

    Rus Bockin

  6. Bradley Sloan says

    Sid was very helpful to me last year when I couldn’t do the webinar online on Electric Bike repair. She emailed me a link so I could hear the lecture and take the test. She seem a very good person to work with. I was shocked to hear the news of her death. My condolences to her family.

  7. Dean Nakos says

    I always enjoyed speaking with Sid, very sorry to hear of her passing. my condolences to her family and her coworkers at the LEVA.

  8. Ed Slate says

    I first met Sid about four years ago while traveling to the Eurobike show. We shared a ride to and from the show and airport in Zurich. Sid was the type of person that you instantly felt comfortable with and easily forged a genuine friendship. In that short time, I also learned what a dynamo she was! She was a true professional and tireless worker for the industry. She will no doubt be sorely missed! My sincere condolences to her family and all that her life touched.

  9. Mark Lynch says

    The most remarkable thing about Sid that I experienced was how, when she helped you with something, she acted like you were doing her a favor. Long live her tireless celebration of gratitude and generosity.

  10. says

    Sid was a GREAT human being and a vital support in our corporate growth and success.
    On a personal note she was a good friend and will be dearly missed. May she RIP.

  11. Paul A.Healy says

    Sorry to hear the bad news Pete.I. am still working on my 20000 watt,72 volt,48 amp 2 wheel drive mt. bike here in Las Vegas. I am sure you heard they killed funding for Tony’s high speed rail between L.V. and L.A.The electric rail designs would blow your mind.Tony has already sunk 10s of millions of his own money into the project. The word electric sends many policy makers a running.F.Them.People like you and your friend should be running the show.More to come,good luck,P.A.Healy


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