The New Prodeco Outlaw Electric Mountain Bike!

Make sure you checkout the full review of the Prodeco Outlaw SS!

The new Prodeco Outlaw is a powerful and fast electric mountain bike!

It pushes right up against the US e-bike power limit of 750 watts (1 Horsepower) and the Outlaw SS model can go up to 28 mph with throttle only!

First of all, the new Prodeco Outlaw electric bike just looks tough!  It’s oversized aluminum frame, the double crown  suspension fork with 140 mm (5.5 inches) of travel, the knobby tires, and it’s well rounded component package with SRAM, Avid, Truvativ, and Continental brands make it an off road worth e-bike.

There are 3 different models of the Prodeco Outlaw e-bike.  The Outlaw SE and EX are identical except for the frame colors; the SE is white and the EX is charcoal.  Both the SE and EX provide assistance up to 20 mph (US limit to still be considered a bicycle).

Here is the full review of the Prodeco Outlaw SS.



The Outlaw SS comes in Orange and it can travel up to 28 mph!  The Outlaw SS is technically an “off road only” electric bike because it goes above the 20 mph limit with throttle only.  So…….if you ride it on the road, just be aware that you riding at your own risk if a police officer ever questions how fast you are going 🙂


Let’s get into a few of the e-bike specs.  The motor is a 750 watt direct drive rear hub type.  The battery pack is a 48 volt 9 ah LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) that sits on the rear rack of the Outlaw.  Prodeco claims that the battery life will be 2,000 charging cycles.  The charge time is 4 hours.

Prodeco chose a thumb throttle for the Outlaw because they wanted to provide a way for the rider to have maximum grip on the handlebars.


The rest of the component package is a solid mix of brand name bicycle components.  The drivetrain features SRAM X0 and X9 components, the brakes are AVID Elixir 5 hydraulic disc brakes with 200mm rotors, the stem, handlebars, seatpost are Truvativ, and the tires are Continental Trail King 26″ x 2.4″.

Prodeco claims that the range for the SE and EX (limited to 20 mph) is 25-30 miles, and 18-25 miles for the SS (goes up to 28 mph).


The Outlaw weighs in at 62 lbs.

The price for the Prodeco Outlaw is $2,199 and it comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and brake pads.  The rest of components have a 2 year warranty.



Prodeco also introduced their new flagship Titanio titanium frame electric mountain bike this year.  The Titanio and the Outlaw definitely stand out as e-bikes pushing the boundaries of the electric bike world.

Prodeco also offers many other e-bikes that start at $999 and all of their bikes are assembled in Miami Florida.

Here is the full review of the Prodeco Outlaw SS.

If you are interested in a Prodeco Outlaw, check with Prodeco for a dealer near you.

If there is not a dealer in your area, you can purchase the Prodeco Outlaw online.

Have you ridden the Outlaw?  Do you own the Outlaw?  Please leave your thoughts on this bike in the section below.



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  1. says

    Other than the wildly overstated range of 18-25 miles (11 miles range flat in reality), This bike is Beautiful!!! @ $2,200 all in with Sram components and a dual crown fork it’s one of the first bikes I’ve seen that isn’t wildly overpriced.

    • Senior biker says

      It’s really gorgeous! Makes me wish I had waited on my e-bike purchase from Prodeco for the new models. Of course, that happens to me with tech stuff, too. It’s a lot heavier than the prior models but you get a lot for the money. And, having used their warranty service with excellent response (broken seat, free brake pads), there’s no doubt in my mind I’ll stick with Prodeco when I do upgrade.

    • says

      Hi Matt,

      We at Prodeco Technologies have tested the distance over and over and at a solid 18 miles with no pedaling and stand by that number 100%. If adding pedaling and reserving throttling by 20%, we have brought it higher. Worst mileage we have received was 17 miles on a very windy day and keep in mind, we are talking full crank in real world conditions with zero pedaling. The restricted 20mph Outlaws gets further distance due to being limited to 20mph which at that speed consumption is lower than 16 Amps (750W/48V) and closer to 10 Amps but depending on the rider and conditions.

      The batteries contain 32 (I mistated 24 before) LiFEPO4 Prismatic 4500mAh cells. The cells are Auto grade and we have basically ZERO issues with them. Cells have been bullet proof for us and have held the mileage through many charge cycles. These cells have been put through the test for 2 years now.

      The only reason to see less than 18 miles would be massive hills. The battery is the same as the Phantom X but 33% more cells, instead of 24 it has 32. The Phantom X with the 500W, peaking at 720W has been giving everyone over 20 miles on a charge and we have some out there getting close to 40 miles but those riders throw in a ton of pedaling.

      We also do not overstate distances per charge and have found consistently throughout the years the Lithium Ion Phosphate (LiFEPO4) by far hold the distance versus Lithium Ion Manganese or Lithium Ion Cobalt. There is no comparison when it comes to longevity and durability with LiFEPO4.

      • says

        I’m about to buy and Ebike and the Outlaw SS is in my top 4. I would like it in white though. Is there a way to “unrestrict” the Outlaw SE or get the SS in white? I want the 28mph top speed. What is the range if I upgrade to the 13ah battery? Is there much difference in street tires versus off road tires when riding on the street? ie; traction, noise, distance.

    • says

      Matt, thanks for the compliment on the price. I forgot to mention that in my other post. We at Prodeco Technologies tried very hard to get it to $2000 mark but just couldn’t. We also do feel the price by far will put this ebike in a league of it’s own. The component list is amazing and every single part down to the headset bearing was carefully detailed and a reason behind it.

  2. Mike Peine says

    Okay i’ll buy 1 & pay you for it when i get my $1300.00 & $1599.00 + Back From Champion/Evanti Certified Prodeco Dealers ofwhich i bought a Phantom X2 & evanti 750 last spring & have NOT received the bike or a refund ! Just ship the OUTLAW SS to me MIKE PEINE 322 w parkway Madison Ohio 44057 phone 440 428 0323 & HOLD YOUR BREATH !

    • says

      I heard of this post today and it deserves a response from Prodeco Technologies. I have also wrote about the Champion issue before on Endless Sphere.

      Champion contacted us in 2011 to become a dealer for Prodeco Technologies. They had success online with other ebike companies and a following. They were requesting to be a drop ship dealer. Champion’s previous ebikes they sold were built overseas and brought in by containers. They were not accustomed to ordering bikes from a company which “builds to order” in the USA. Each bike at that time we built as an order came in. While other dealers were placing forecasted orders, Champion would order 1 at a time.

      When we received an order from Champion, a build spot would be queued and upon the spot becoming available, the bike would be built. The issues started when Champion would start preselling bikes prior to a release and they would accept payment. They started having stronger orders than other drop ship dealers due to not being forthcoming with consumers on delivery time. They also were misrepresenting some of the specs of the bikes.

      In the spring of 2012, Prodeco Technologies informed Champion their agreement would not be renewed and as of May 2012, the account would no longer be able to offer Prodeco Technologies bikes. All orders Prodeco Technologies received by May 2012 from Champion would be fulfilled and they were. There was no order not fulfilled that we were paid on. We were told by Champion all other orders they did not send in once the account was closed were refunded.

      We have heard since of a few additional orders placed with Champion which were not refunded and never received by Prodeco Technologies. We told these customers they should contact their credit card company as to dispute the charge. If there was a charge and they did not receive the product or refund, the credit card company should credit.

      Champion upon being notified prior to May 2012 their account with Prodeco Technologies would not be renewed established their own ebike brand named Evanti. Evanti ebikes were produced by Golden Motor with no connection to Prodeco Technologies.

      Even though Champion’s account was closed in May of 2012, they had orders they were still trying to fulfill while they started selling the Evanti bikes. Prodeco Technologies allowed orders up through July as long as by May, we had a name. They stated customers placed deposits and they needed to complete these orders. As we received payment and full order details from Champion, we would ship the orders.

      We want to make clear, never once has Prodeco Technologies received payment on an order and not shipped the order. During May through July, Champion was only making a payment on a drop ship order basis about 2-3 days before and we would only receive the full shipping details during that week we were shipping. We believed it to be Champion always felt that Prodeco Technologies would steer the customer away from Champion and why they held the information. In hindsight I can now understand why. We started also being concerned when in June, we had more build spots available for the remaining Champion orders with names attached but no other details. We believed by July they finished the last orders outstanding.

      Regarding Mike Peine’s situation. Mike, if you contact me directly at [email protected], I will try to assist you. If you made payment and did not receive a refund from Champion, I will assist you with Visa if that is who you charged the transaction with. I can contact Visa on your behalf. We will try to do whatever necessary to assist and still get you a bike. As far as the Evanti, we are told around 5 weeks ago Champion closed down. The Evanti bikes did not prove as strong sellers for them as they expected. As mentioned, we have ZERO involvement with the Evanti bikes and they were Golden Motor bikes.

      Having Champion being a dealer of Prodeco Technologies bikes has changed our outlook on drop ship dealers and also our policies. We have a strong base of internet dealers currently and the situation with Champion should not diminish the hard work and outstanding reputation of these other dealers.

      If anyone has had an issue with Champion and an order placed for a Prodeco Technologies’ bike, please contact us at 800.943.6190 or you can email me directly. We only knew of a few which have since been taking care of.

      Robert Provost
      Prodeco Technologies

      • Pete says

        Robert, thank you for the clarification on that issue and your support to people who have had bad experiences with Champion.

    • Mike Peine says

      OKAY PEOPLE MY BAD i did have a bad time with Champion & Did NOT understand that PRODECO does NOT Own Champion or did own Champion @ anytime and i was unfairly blaming PRODECO for Champions faults & alleged crimes. Dealers are like privately owned businesses that borrow the brand name.& PRODECO put there trust in them and got burned why more than i. PRODECO i know has very good bikes (my brother lives in FLA. etc…) & that i have repeatedly tried to buy because that’s what they are GOOD BIKES & i “gotta” have one. PRODECO STANDS FULLY BEHIND THEIR DEALERS TO A FAULT, Accepting the blame others inflected on them. i am NOT being forced to make this statement or being paid. Please consider these bikes & watch 123windyrons videos on you tube as i have & check out Danny Mcaskills video on how NOT to treat a bike lol

  3. Mike Peine says

    Scooterlectric/Champion/Evanti 471 N Broadway Suite 305 Jerico N.Y. 11753 1-646-545-1232 Took orders for bikes like the Phantom X2 $1299.00 + extras Evanti 750 $1599.00 etc… by the thousands SEE Endless sphere pages complaints Most likely to fund a bank roll drawing/living off the interest & never having to have a product just pictures Never having to touch the principal they break no laws & in keeping a million balance in the bank gives the about $50,000.00 per year Not to mention the FREE money the PoLICE FBI IC3 Visa etc… make A PONZI SCAM That Claimed to be a Certified Dealer of Prodeco SEE MY COMMENTS TO PRODECO on you tube ! & Decide 4 yourself Scooter Took ALL The $Millions & Scooted !

    • Mike Peine says

      This is Mostly TRUE except PRODECO was not at fault. PRODECO BLINDLY TRUSTED ITS DEALER. And i don’t think they Champion really sold that many bikes. Just happened to me that i know of, & the complaints @ endless sphere.

  4. MIKE HOOCK says

    I’d love to trade in my Phantom X. I bought it new. It has about 2 miles on it. I don’t use it because I consider it underpowered for the hills in my area. It has been sitting in my garage for 5 months.

  5. Mike Peine says

    Thx Pete i received a call from Prodeco & stand corrected Authorized not Certified Dealer & The order was placed 30 days before Champion stopped taking orders for The PX2 It seems like years ago BYE !

    • Pete says

      Mike, I am glad to hear that Prodeco contacted you. Please see Robert Provost’s (CEO of Prodeco) clarification of what happened with Champion (comment above).

  6. paulo says

    hi i want the new outlaw from 28 m/h i live in New York . Please give me a good dealer for buying and in how many days is shiped to my home.

    • says

      Mr. C’s located in Brooklyn, NY has Outlaws on order. The release date for the first shipments leaving our facility will be Nov 19. Mr. C’s should have them in stock by the end of Nov.

    • says

      Factory Direct Electric Bikes sells Prodeco electric bicycles and I will order you any Outlaw with a $200 down payment.

      No customer of mine has ever lost a money as deposit are 100% refundable.

      I also offer a 3 day return policy.

      Please call me at 954-752-6477.

      My web site is

      I also have one Phantom X2 in stock

      Also on stock is the Stride 250, Mariner 7 and Genesis 250

  7. g. martin white says

    wow the outlaw SS sounds too great to pass up. where can i test drive one and where is there a retail dealership in miami, florida?. to buy one of these powerful bikes? will they be available for purchase by Halloween 2012? thanks for the update! Martin @ CHINA BAY TRADING COMPANY-ANTIQUES & MORE…

    • says

      Thank you for the interest in the Outlaw SS, which is an incredible ebike.

      The dealer for Miami is “The Electric Bicycle Store” at 1620 Alton Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139, Phone: (305) 508-4040.

      They will have all the Outlaws and also stock all our bikes. Their main shop is in Fort Lauderdale and much larger.

      The Outlaws do not start shipping until November 19th.

      • Eric Factor says

        Hi Robert,

        I heard a lot of good things about Prodeco bikes and after looking at your website I fell in love with the Phantom O. I sent an email to one of your dealer to order one but was told that this is not avaiable commercialy and was only built for some stars. If it is not available how come it is in your catalogue with the price of $1600.00 ? I live in Vancouver, Canada and have no chance of looking at it physicaly not to mention try it, but after reading a lot of good things about Prodeco Bikes I said to my self that this is the bike foe me. Can you please tell me where I can order one of this bikes.

        Thank you
        Eric Factor

    • g. martin white says

      thanks for the info Robert. I already own one of your bikes and i would like to know if its possible to purchase a second battery pack. I travel all over Miami Dade County and while the range is great. I would like to be able to go to Aventura (10 Miles) and make it back home. A second battery pack would double my range. Are they available for purchase factory direct or thru that dealership you mentioned on Alton road and how much do they cost?

  8. Allan says

    Nice looking bikes but most Prodeco’s are nice looking, I sold mine @ a loss because of the quality wasnt quite there, maybe this one is better ?

    • says

      Hi Allan,

      We are sorry to hear that. Which model did you purchase? Where was the quality lacking? We know of competitor’s who have commented as such in forum’s where other reader’s discuss our bikes but extremely rare for an actual rider.

      We fully support dealers with a 30 day return policy if the rider did not believe the bike to be the best in its class. All bikes also have a 100% complete 2 year warranty.

      The components incorporated into the Outlaw are mostly from SRAM such as the Elixir 5 Hydraulic brakes with Avid HS1 Rotors, SRAM X9 Derailleur, SRAM XO Shifter, SRAM S600 Crankset, Truvativ Sealed Bearing pedals, Truvativ Stem, Truvativ Seatpost and Truvativ Handlebar. I do not know of anyone who could suggest any one of these components are not of the highest quality.

      The tires are Continental Trail Kings on Triple Box Anodized Rims with 18-8 12G Stainless Steel spokes and Sealed Bearing HUBS. A proven wheelset than can withstand the harshest of elements.

      The fork is a 20mm Thru Axle double crown Magnesium suspension fork with Hard Anodized Aluminum stanchions which is mounted via an integrated headset containing sealed stainless steel bearings in CNC alloy cups. Truly a first in this price range.

      As far as Electronics, the battery is a 32 Cell LiFEPO4 Prismatic Cell with a 2 year warranty. The return rate on the cells is less than 1% in that 2 year period and top in the industry. The mount and case which houses the cells have been beefed up for the Outlaw. The motor is a 48V 750W direct drive with a 2 year warranty and minimal wearing parts. We have multiple riders who have placed over 2,000 miles on this same motor in the past year alone and some over 3,000 miles. We are sure to hear 5,000 and 10,000 miles soon.

      Please let us know which model bike you have previously owned and we are always willing to discuss any of the bikes and extremely passionate about the Outlaw. If the Outlaw you believe to be lacking in any area, please share your thoughts.

      Our USA team works relentlessly on building the best electric bikes we believe this industry has ever seen at remarkable pricing. Everyone in our facility takes tremendous pride in all the bikes that are built and shipped each day. The pride is not just because of the good looks but the heart and soul that goes into each and every one.

      Allan, please contact us if your experience for any reason has not been a postive one. The testimonials we receive daily are quite amazing and why I was taken aback by your comment. If we have you on file as an owner and if for any reason you had to sell your bike, we may be able to assist you in other ways. Thank you!

      • Allan says

        I purchased a Storm 500 in early summer 2012, after paying in full the day of purchase off of EBay from Bike-Smiths via Paypal I had to wait over 2 weeks for delivery. When I got the bike the headset had play in it. It took me many hours to get it to where it felt close to safe without any slop but it never felt 100%. I noted these CH headsets are very ” entry ” level component from China @ 10 bucks, also I noticed the noisy front Zoom forks sell new on EBay for under 50 dollars new & the pedals sell for 10 dollars. The bike was fun to ride as all ebikes are but was very noisy & the battery rack rattled like heck. Also the way the bike handles is very very unique, it “sails” around dosent feel like any other ebike or bike I’ve ridden. It does stop pretty good though & had a nice riding position easy on the back.
        Within the first month @ 300 miles I got a rear flat no big deal flats are part of e-biking, I fixed it myself which is no problem for me @ 50 yrs. old I’ve turning wrenches my whole life & as i was re installing the nut on the axal as it was seating the threads were stripped where it seated on the frams. I’m 98.99 % sure it wasnt my doing from cross threading as suggested by Rob from Prodeco “you maybe ” the steel was low quality there was little pressure put on the wrench. I was told it was my fault & was charged 50 bucks for the repair. I got the wheel back & sold it for 1/2 of what I paid for it to be ethical to the new buyer thats all i would ask. I bought another bike for 2000 dollars & the components, alloys, connectors, water proofing, quiet tight ride dont compare to my Prodeco experience. Maybe mine was a bit of a ” Lemon ” but the customer service was terrible, 1 out of 10 phone calls you got a human, emails are never answered back, I cant remember a worse experience in dealing with any company that sold me a $ 1300 product or even a 10 dollar product . Thats my story I’m not going to argue over any facts I wrote you live & learn, I learned a lot from my Prodeco, signing off

        • says

          Hi Allan,

          Thank you for the detailed response and where there are compliments. We also appreciate any response whether positive or negative due to some of the negatives allow us areas to improve upon.

          The response in the industry with the actual dealers and buyers of our bikes has been overwhelmingly positive. It is a rare occasion a disgruntled rider such as yourself is experienced but whenever possible, we will want to grow from it. I can see from the cross threading experience, this has been the hot spot with you. You may have been mistaken though as the motor was replaced for NO CHARGE and only shipping was charged. I will explain below but first want to address the other issues which may seem irrelevant to you but taken very serious by ourselves.

          Bike Smiths is an authorized dealer and they do a combination of stocking bikes and also drop shipping. This summer with the majority of dealers being predominately sold out, we had a large drop ship request with each bike being built to order. Our bikes are built one by one by hand in our facility. These are not bikes coming off containers. To tackle the issue of the 2, 3 or 4 week wait, we are requesting dealers to forecast orders and for 2013, we are building in advance. We are moving away from the build to order so we can eliminate the wait time. We realize this was frustrating to many buyers but it became more frustrating to the dealers. This issue will be mostly eliminated with the prebuilding in our new facility.

          In regards to the CH headset: the headset is an aluminum Cartridge Bearing headset and an actual upgrade from most other ebikes in the market and by no means “entry level”. The Storm and Genesis had an adjustable aluminum quill stem and it required an integrated 1 1/8” 44m threaded headset. Where most ebike companies using “entry level” steel and retainer bearing headsets if requiring a threaded and integrated headset, we opted to upgrade and use an aluminum headset with cartridge bearings. Chin Haur is a top 10 headset manufacturer based in Taiwan for the OEM industry. The looseness from threaded headsets can occur in about 2% of the bikes due to being a threaded headset but we have taken further steps to eliminate this to less than 1%. It is however an easy adjustment and all threaded headset bikes have this as a yearly maintenance check. The pedals are HTI folding pedals and found on $1000 non-electric bikes. The pedals are of higher grade when considering folding pedal choice. They are doubling bearing pedals with aluminum bodies and nylon cages.

          Zoom forks are used on some of the bikes which are made by HL Corp. There are many grades of the HL Zoom fork from $40 for steel to over $100 for magnesium. Maintaining the bike to an under $1500 price was important. HL Corp is a very large OEM manufacturer for companies such as Cannondale and Specialized who produce some components under a private label through HL. The fork we utilize is an aluminum alloy and we have had only 2 forks out of 3000 in this model have an issue. The durability has been outstanding and these are not the steel versions. We do use various brands of forks including RockShox but it depends on the model. Your bike was sold for $1199 and yes, this would have the aluminum Zoom HL suspension fork with 45mm of travel. For $100 more at $1299, the Phantom has the Magnesium 120mm travel suspension fork with Hard Anodized aluminum stanchions.

          Very noisy issue I do not understand. The bikes emit almost no noise but the noise from the battery case you mention may have come from the battery case being aluminum and the sliding rail also aluminum. The battery mount has since been upgraded this summer with a system we developed over the past 19 months. The aluminum battery and aluminum rail prior was widely used in the industry but we eliminated this entirely with our new design.

          Flat tires I cannot say much about other than for 2012 we predominately used Kenda tires. The majority of our 2013 bikes we have added Continental tires, which we believe to be one of the best brands in the bike industry. Continentals are rarely seen on non-electric bikes under $2000 and we are utilizing them on $1399 electric bikes to express our commitment to be the best. The Continentals are high thread count and most are thorn resistant.

          Crossing the axle is difficult and the steel is not inferior. In contrary, the steel axle has to meet certain quality levels due to it also being the motor stator spindle and this is standard in the industry. Since it is the motor spindle, it is hollow and feeds the wire harness which could be the reason it cross threaded on you. This year I know of only 3 axles which were crossed threaded from thousands of bikes. A crossed motor axle destroys a $200 motor and no warranty is in place from our motor supplier. The motor just has to be disposed of. I can see this is your main issue and why you are so hot to express your negative feelings towards Prodeco Technologies. As I mentioned we had 3 incidents where the motor axle became crossed. Since we only had 3, I found your invoice immediately which was July 3rd, 2012 and shipped via Fed EX to you in NY. Rob replaced the motor for NO CHARGE to you other than shipping cost, please review your invoice. The box was 26” x 26” x 10” with a dimension weight of 48.6lbs and the charge was strictly for shipping. We are also not happy the axle was crossed and lost the value of the motor but we believe to offer great service, so we replaced it for no cost and took the lost ourselves. Even though you crossed the axle and it would not be covered, our service department still did not charge you. You should be fair and honest if writing comments on blogs.

          In regards to having a hard time contacting us, we have heard a few individuals who stated this but have a hard time finding the inbounds which went unanswered. This summer we did have an issue with the “contact us” link on our website which has since been taken care of. I do log on to the email server from time to time and inspect incoming emails but cannot find any service emails unanswered. Rob in service is not me but Robert Lindsay. I actually do not get involved with service calls unless specifically requested to do so. We however keep logs of every single service call and I inspect them frequently. Our main phone line is not answered by a person I agree at first but answered by an auto attendant who transfers the call to the correct department (sales or service). We have also increased our service team and no one from service is allowed to leave for the day unless all emails have been answered. I am not sure where that issue arose from where you received no response and I apologize if this happened. We strive to have the best customer service department and will continue to do so.

          I have to apologize to Pete of Electric Bike Report for writing so long and I almost feel like I hijacked his forum. We take comments as such very serious. Our company has added over 20 American jobs last year and another 20 just in the last 6 months, plus adding 20 more over the next 6 months. Our workers take extreme pride in each and every bike we build and we believe our USA workers produce a superior product. We continue to grow as a family and all love what we do. We understand we are not perfect but strive to be close. In 2012 we experienced our share of growing pains. For 2013 we are moving to our new 60,000 sq. ft. facility (with available expansion to 90,000). The production will increase from 3 production lines to 8 production lines. We will defend the quality of the bikes we build and even though Allan (commenter I am responding to) only paid $1199 for his bike, we strongly believe there are no other bikes which can compare dollar for dollar. Our $999-$1299 bikes can easily compare to the $1500-$2000 bikes and our $2200 bikes compare or surpass the $2700-$4000 bikes while all being built by American workers.

          Sorry Electric Bike Report for such extensive commenting but we are extremely passionate about our bikes and company.

          • Allan says

            I dont believe the threads were crossed they stripped when being tightened/seated to the frame, I ran the nut up with 2 fingers. This happens with these hub motors not uncommon I’ve read it before where the companies that sell kits tell their customers to torque the nuts very tightly to make sure the hub motor is properly secured to the frame but sometimes they strip, thing is I hardly torqued the nut down used just a little force..
            Now Rob told me there was going to be a Charge due to the fact it was my fault from how I remember it, I didnt know it was mostly free work so that was a misunderstanding. I paid to send it back to you, paid 50 buck to get it back & this after the headset issues bike had more down time then service time.. I explained to Rob I had stage 2 hypertension & I needed a dependable bike to use now & requested he send me a new motor right out as I return the faulty one to get me back in the saddle but he wouldnt comply. I shouldve taken pictures of the threads but didnt.
            You do get a decent value with Prodeco & I believe they may be a decent E-bike for the money but my experience wasnt good & I dont appreciate you telling me I was dis honest on the blog , I needed a usable bike for my health & that wasnt happening. I sold it & bought a more expensive bike different brand you get what you pay for. Good luck with your company I believe E-Bikes have a great place in our future as a Country.

          • says


            Thank you for the update, your good luck offering and regarding your issues, the point was taken. Please know I was not trying to be offensive in anyway and maybe a little too defensive.

            I was trying to also get across the fact that thousands of your model bike have been sold with under 1% having any type of the issues you explained. Your comment originally came across excessively negative with the main issue being the cross threading. Then you added for example the pedals are basically cheap when they had nothing to do with anything, yet they are HTI F2 pedals. The HTI F2 pedals are one of the best folding pedals found on folding bikes regardless of what someone sells them for. Most companies use plastic body folding pedals while these are aluminum bodies.

            Since this motor type axle is commonly used and out of thousands there have been only 3 instances of cross threading by riders. I did not want your comment to come across this was a standard issue for existing and prospective owners. Our base of customers love their bikes and take pride in them. We take customer service extremely serious with the majority of the times never charging the rider whether under warranty or not. We also have started an advance replacement program this past August.

            Thank you again for the update and I agree 100% electric bikes have a place in this country especially starting this next year. The fact we will employ 100 USA workers by the end of next year is an added plus for the industry. It is also important we have bikes in all price ranges and many people can only afford the $1000 ebike and why we work so hard to offer the best ebike possible for that $1000 while having $2000 and up bikes for those who can afford them. Consistently our bikes have been found to be 20-40% less than comparable bikes.

            Enjoy ebiking and I do apologize if I came across too strong.

  9. Tony Spadafora says

    I purchased a Phantom x2 about a month ago. I purchased it on Ebay from bike smiths and it was delivered on time…7 days
    I am 50 years old and live in a very hilly area in south eastern PA. I have about 50 miles on so far and I have to say I really like this bike. It doesn’t pull me up the hills without peddling but I have never had to get off and push and in just the 3 or 4 weekends I have ridden I no longer use first gear. It does exactly what I wanted, it gets me over that first hill that has always stopped me from riding my regular bike. Now my 15 year old son wants one.
    Just want to thank the Prodeco team, excellent product guys.

  10. Charles Mugler says

    We are the local dealer in Santa Barbara, Ca. We will be getting 3 of the Outlaw SS models very soon as we ordered early. We currently have several of the Stride 500 and Phantom X2’s in stock. Call anytime 805 682 1075 Charles

    • Pete says

      Hi Hooper, The Outlaw is throttle only. It may be difficult to add pedal assist. I will forward your comment to Prodeco to see what their thoughts are.

      • Hooper says

        Thanks for the reply. I am really looking for a commuter type bike with pedal assist, fenders, and a removable battery but I am a big guy and could use the higher voltage of the outlaw.

    • says

      Hello Hooper, we do not use a Pedal Assist system on the Outlaw and this bike is throttle only. I will explain quickly why.

      The Outlaw being 750W and if having a pedal assist sensor, it would require a brake inhibitor lever set. The inhibitor is not required by law but a safety measure. The bike is a rear drive and a high torque system and the inhibitor would avoid a rider potentially having a false start.

      Our Phantom X bikes do have brake inhibitors but for the Outlaw we were looking for a higher performance brake system and required Hydraulic brakes. There are hydraulic brake systems with inhibitors but nothing of the high performance we were looking for. We were also set on utilizing Avid’s Elixir 5 Hydraulic brake system. This system is closer to the Elixir XO ($700), rather than the Elixir 1 hydraulic brakes. There are no brake inhibitors with Avid’s systems but the Elixir 5 is one of the best Hydraulic brake systems in the biking world today and the braking power along with the HS1 200mm rotors is tremendously powerful.

      Brake inhibitors are a safety measure for pedal assist bikes and we utilize them when possible on rear drive bikes even if throttle only. Brake inhibitors have cutoff switches in the brake levers and when applying the brakes, the motor would shut down. It also has nothing to do with cost since the Elixir 5 brake system is $380 with the HS1 200mm rotors and the BB7 (front & rear) Phantom X brake system with the HS1 rotors and brake inhibitors is only $210. We sell the brake inhibitor lever sets separately for $18.95 as a replacement part if needed. These are also upgraded levers with Kraton inserts.

      Sometime in spring, we may have a 48V pedal assist system but currently do not. We found the typical USA rider always preferred throttle.

  11. Mike Peine says

    Hello i bought a OUTLAW SS should be here soon. i recommend watching 123windyron’s video’s on you tube, to any one thinking about these bikes. He rides them up & down hills etc… & theirs other videos on you tube comparing Pedego Prodeco & Golden Motors. Seems to me the best way to sell a e bike is to show it in the real world & not just on a side walk. Nice to see someone pushing the legal limits of 750watts. i still want to see Mid Drive with a Nuvinci or Shimano Nexus 3 speed Internal Hub Stride for the girls etc… TRAFFIC Shifting & HILLS are the biggest problems holding a lot of people back from riding e bikes. & Has held a lot of people back from riding regular bikes. They buy & try & leave them in the garage until there next yard sell.

  12. Mike Peine says

    WTF ? SHIPS ON THE 30th NOW MAYBE NEXT WEEK ? You should have let me known on the 30th, WHATS UP ! ? This is how Your Dealer Champion robbed me of over $1300.00 next week, always next week, then gone ! Took the money an RAN ! (YOUR DEALER) WTF ? YOU TALK THE TALK. NOW WALK THE WALK ! You claim to have been doing this for years. This is NOT your 1st time. Who you going to blame the box maker ? Your like giving money to Clinton & Bush. Shame on me.

    • Sean Johnson says

      Hey everybody! I’m a 38yr old project manager living in Northern NJ and I work in NYC. The commute is not easy! I drive a large suv to a light-rail, park n pay $10 per day, ride 3 trains, then walk 10-12 mins to the office! I do this both ways 5 days a week. So owning an ebike will definitely take most of the stress out of my daily commute. I’ve been researching e-bikes for several weeks now and I’ve finally narrowed it down to the 2013 STROMER ELITE and the new PRODECO OUTLAW SS. I actually spoke to a rep from PRODECO and I was told to contact “Mr. C’s” authorized dealer located in B’KLYN, NY. The problem is there are no OUTLAWS in stock. Mr.C’s claim to have 4 on order, 2 of which are already on reserve so only 2 will be available for purchase. After reading some of the horror stories of folks purchasing $1400+ ebikes and getting stiffed, I am very hesitant to fork out over $2000 online to a store that doesn’t even have the bike in stock and they don’t know when they’ll receive the OUTLAW SS.

      Why doesn’t PRODECO allow customers to purchase direct from their website? Doesn’t make sense! They seem to take pride in their products and demand is steady and growing, why not make purchasing their products easy and simple direct from their website?

      On the other hand I’ve checked out NYCE WHEELS and they have several STROMER ELITE’S available. They’ve posted videos on youtube of the bike in action and I was impressed to say the least. Unfortunately they do not carry any of the PRODECO ebikes. It would be great to see a few professional video reviews of the PRODECO OUTLAW SS and also of the 2013 PHANTOM models but there are none available on youtube or on the PRODECO webpage.

      Nonetheless, I’m hoping to have one of these great looking ebikes before Christmas 2012. (Hope, hope, hope)

      So what do you think? Should I go with the STOMER ELITE or OUTLAW SS?

      Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thnx!

      • Pete says

        Hi Sean, it definitely sounds like you need an e-bike! That commute sounds rough.

        I can’t answer your question about Prodeco selling direct but I am sure someone from Prodeco will answer your question here soon.

        I do know that the Outlaws are just rolling off the assembly line and they are being shipped this week.

        I will be doing a full review of the Outlaw SS and 2013 Phantom soon and they will include a video.

        Stromer’s are nice electric bikes and I hope to do a full review on these as well.

    • Mike Peine says

      This Notice set me off Deja Vue Champion all over again. We have all been here before. i falsely believed it was the same company. fool me once etc… & REALLY Never give Clinton & Bush a hand out to give to Haiti it just vanishes in thin air That’s what i thought just happened AGAIN ! after the YEAR of the Champion & Evanti event. ~ i am Sorry if this caused anyone not to buy one of these bikes Please reconsider ? i based my actions on false evidence & BAD events. Prodeco has sent me a full refund & is not paying me to make these comments or CENSORING my FREEDOM of SPEECH. BEST REGARDS to all & them.

  13. says

    Are there safe bike paths from New Jersey into Manhattan? I don’t know if I would share the streets with cars during the evening rush hour. I would be tempted to buy a Phantom X2 that would fold and go on the train during bad weather. I do like the control panel on the 2013 STROMER ELITE but I would expect that on a bike costing over 3K. The Outlaw SS is not a legal for the streets but the extra 28 mph would be nice on long rides. I would also recommend a loud bell and fenders to anyone commuting to work

  14. Mike Peine says

    i received my OUT LAW SS yesterday. Put it together, You should use a Tq wrench.Pumped up the tires 58psi. The fenders will NOT fit Watched the video on you tube etc… The tires are to tall plus the knobbies. So save your $12 bucks. The color is excellent Blood Orange metallic. Really they need a better picture. The battery had some juice in the green so i climb on. You should be over 5’10 or have long legs, i think this is a 21″ frame.Leaning back i Cranked it & gave it the juice. The front wheel came up 3″ for about 3′ YES ! & down the road i went @19 degrees F i don’t know how fast i was going However this bike it fast. The seat was not the bugger i thought it would be however i may change it latter. When i hit the rear brake NOTHING air in the lines maybe? My PC will NOT down load the PDF So i wish their was more information given with the bike. The rear tire held its own on the corners as i scraped the peddles on the go round.NO hills to climb “yet” Seems like a SunStar S303 etc.. Mid drive would fit if needed in the years to come. RIDE SAFE Thanks Prodeco Nice bike.

  15. Mike Peine says

    The paved circle is on a hillside & i can only do that circus trick turning left. Yes Peddle UP.Usually on my English Racer i can pedal down around the circle on the side wall of the tire & get slung up the other side, repeating for hours. This IS the biggest bike i have ever ridden @26″frame, It did great WITHOUT the tire sliding out. Like my motor bike usually does. ~ Avid Elixir 5 Hydraulic Disc Has a DIY videos on there You tube channel. & Has Brake bleeding kits etc… New bike. 1st scrape lol. Just a little peddle scrape.

  16. says

    Looking to purchase an electric bike. I commute on the train, bus, and another train so I would like to speed up my transfers with an ebike. I can’t find a dealer in my area to test drive the outlaw SS. Can anyone help me find a dealer in the Orange County, California area, or Los Angeles, Ca. area….it would be better if it was in Orange County as I reside in Riverside county. I went to a dealer the other day that Prodeco recommended in orange county, but they don’t have any in stock…..they just order them through his shop and they come direct to customer. I would like to visit a shop that has the bikes so I can test drive them.


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