Lifetime Achievement Award For Sid Kuropchak, President of Light Electric Vehicle Association

Sid Kuropchak,President of Light Electric Vehicle Association

Sid Kuropchak,President of Light Electric Vehicle Association

This is a press release from the Light Electric Vehicle Association.

The Board of Directors of the Light Electric Vehicle Association (LEVA) is pleased to announce the presentation of a Lifetime Achievement Award to LEVA President and Co-Founder Sid Kuropchak.

“Sid has been the heart and the driving force of the LEVA’s amazing growth since the beginning”. Said Chairman Edward Benjamin. “Our board is grateful for her years of highly effective leadership.”

“Sid’s pleasant and intelligent style has set a tone for the LEVA and it’s activities that we have all benefitted from.”

Sid Kuropchak is currently on medical leave, battling a serious cancer.  (I regret to inform you that Sid has passed away).

Heather Marshman has taken on the role of Executive Director for the last year.

The Light Electric Vehicle Association promotes the industry and the use of electric powered two and three wheel vehicles. This is primarily electric bicycles, electric motor scooters, and light electric motorcycles.

The LEVA has more than 250 members in more than 29 nations, world wide.


Edward Benjamin, Chairman, Light Electric Vehicle Association

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    Thank you Sid, for all your hard work and the amazing contributions you have made to our industry and its cause. Its been such a pleasure to work with you over the last few years. Sending my love, prayers and thoughts your way!

  2. says

    Without your guidance we would not be in the industry here in North America and without your support we would not have remained a member of LEVA.

    With a personal knowledge of what your are bravely going through, I pray only great things come as a result of your treatment. It is for you and others extremely close to us that we developed the breast cancer bike and we can only hope that the proceeds we donate will do good for others.

    You have always taken the time to respond with positive answers and honest evaluations even in the midst of your diagnosis. This recognition is well deserved and our company and my family wish you a safe recovery and a long and eventful life!



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