Las Vegas’s Energie Cycles selected for Red Rock Bike Tours

This is a press release from Energie Cycles.

New electric bike guided tour program takes Las Vegas visitors through the million year old rock formations of the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

Energie Cycles gives everyone the chance to experience the vistas of the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area located on outer edge of Las Vegas, on a bicycle. While the 13 mile visitor loop that winds along the base of the brightly colored sandstone formations is paved, it offers significant elevation changes perfect for the E Bike.

This is where John Messmore came up with the idea of building a guided tour business around the premise of a power assisted electric bike. His new venture is offering Las Vegas visitors another opportunity to experience the grandeur of rock formations millions of years old up close without climbing in and out of a car.

Navigating the permit process with the national parks department and BLM to offer this uniquely powered guided tour was a long task but one that looks to be well worth it. The plan gives the opportunity for up to 8 participants and 2 tour guides a chance to ride through the park on Energie Cycles 2.6t electric bikes. The rugged mountain/touring bike is driven by a 350 watt Bafang motor and is powered by the largest single e-bike production lithium battery at 36 volt 16 amp.

Assembled in Las Vegas, Energie Cycles is an exclusive brand under Rechargeable Power Energy North America, which is a Nevada based advanced lithium battery pack R&D center who is linked to the 5th largest lithium cell manufacturer in China.

“We designed our bikes from premium quality cycling parts such as Shimno, Tektro, SR Suntour and Bafang and created one of the most advanced rechargeable battery packs in the e-bike industry” stated Ray Verhelst, CEO of RPE. “With 576 watt hours of high quality energy storage, our riders can go further on a single charge” Verhelst added.

The concept is simple, recreational bikes riders of all ages can utilize the electric pedal-assist motor which supplements the climbing capacity, letting the cyclist easily navigate the terrain, while concentrating on the view instead of the next hill.

John chose the Energie Cycles bike line for the ruggedness of the design, the quality of the parts used and the company’s advanced lithium battery pack. “We also chose the line because the company is based in Las Vegas and is using Southern Nevada labor to assemble these bikes, which is important that we support job creation in our state” said John.

To book a tour, John’s customers start by visiting his website and select a date and time to ride. Redebike will deliver the Energie Cycles directly to the visitor center at the park entrance. The riders are assigned bikes and given all of the necessary safety equipment. His team will meet the group at the loop’s end point to collect the Energie Cycles. The front and rear guides lead the 8 riders up into the heart of the park where there are number of observation stops along the way.

Riders fresh off the trail can buy an Energie Cycle through Redebike, “From our research, e-bike customers start with a test ride but to actually use a power assisted cycle to experience such amazing scenery dating back millions of years, really offers a compelling reason to take an Energie Cycle home” says John.

Stop by the Energie Cycles exhibit at the InterBike Show in Las Vegas September 18-20, the staff from will be there to promote their tours. New to the show this year, the organizers will open the trade show to the cycling public on the last day.

Red E Bike Rentals – A new electric bike guided tour program approved for use in the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area located just west of Las Vegas, Nevada. The company offers a 3 hour guided tour program through the 13 mile loop within the park. The company is marketing to the more than 40 million visitors to the valley each year. For more information visit

Energie Cycles – Is a trademarked brand of “Built In America” electric power assist sport bicycles under Rechargeable Power Energy North America, LLC. The line utilizes top brands and sources products from leading suppliers which are shipped to Las Vegas for assembly. The company provides sales and technical support to its dealer network from the 12,500 square foot facility. The line will be on display in booth 4021 at InterBike 2013. The website for the line is

Rechargeable Power Energy North America, LLC – is a leading portable power research, development and testing facility based in the US to deliver advanced battery pack design for Shenzhen B&K Battery’s global sales and distribution network. The extensive staff of engineers and designers work with clients around the globe to develop primary and rechargeable power solutions for a wide range of products. The website for the company is

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