2011 Kona Electric Ute – Cool Electric Cargo Bike!

Well Kona has stepped up to the plate and is delivering 3 new electric bikes to the market for 2011.  Their regular Ute has been on the market for a couple of years and has established itself as a nice cargo bike capable of  hauling some groceries and other odds and ends.  There have been pictures floating around the internet of Ute’s that had electric conversion kits added to haul the extra weight, but now for 2011 Kona is offering an “off the shelf” ready to go electric cargo bike.

Here are some of the specs for this new electric cargo bike:

  • 250 Watt Pedelec system (you need to be pedaling to activate the electric assist)
  • Samsung 24V x 13Ah Lithium Ion battery (claimed lifecycle of 700 rides)
  • Hauls up to 100kg (220 lbs.) load

3 power assist modes:

  • Power mode = 30 km (18 mile) range
  • Normal mode = 57 km (35 mile) range
  • Economy Mode = 100 km (62 mile) range

  • Aluminum Frame
  • 700c (29er) wheels
  • Good mix of components: Shimano Deore/Alivio, FSA, and Avid
  • Comes with Fenders, Kickstand, Bell, Wood Deck (for the top of the rack), Cargo Bags
  • 2 Sizes: 18″ and 20″ Frame
  • Price = $2599 USD (See Making Electric Bikes More Affordable)

Overall the Kona Electric Ute looks like a nice “off the shelf” electric cargo bike!  It’s great to see that Kona and other bike manufacturer’s are recognizing that electric cargo bikes can be a great alternative to a car.  I really enjoy my electric cargo bike that I built from the xtracycle kit and an electric motor and battery kit, but I am thinking that these totally complete bikes could be the way to go!

What do you think?  Would you like to have a Kona Electric Ute or a similar electric cargo bike?  If you already have an electric cargo bike, what do you think of it?

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  1. says

    I end up carrying quite a bit on my regular mess of a jury rigged bike. It works pretty well. I’m not sure there’s a lot of advantage to these higher end models. How much more cargo can I really get on this? I’d love to see more competition in the $400 range, even if it continues to be based on SLA batteries.

    • says

      Hi Steve, generally you are paying for higher quality parts that last longer and have better overall efficiency. The lithium batteries last longer and are lighter. It may be more cost up front but with a longer battery life will pay itself off over the lifetime of the battery.

  2. says

    I think I would buy the non-electric ute and put one of the 500-750 watt motor geared hubs on the back of it to have more power on the road and for going up hills with a load. I would still come out ahead on price than the electric ute.
    I really like the looks of the bike and the specs are impressive.

  3. trex says

    Hey Pete… I would like to buy a cargo bike with a crank-motor so I can use the rear gears. I live just outside Redding Ca. which has one large hill to climb…both ways, to and from.

    I have a Yuba Mundo cargo bike v.1, that I would like to use, if I could buy a “bolt-on crank motor”. I think that would serve my riding needs… it’s approx. 7 miles from my house to the big “Box Stores” in Redding town.

    What do you think? Trex

  4. says

    250watt is not powerful enough. You really need 350 just for a person of say up to 70kg. With cargo bags like that I would consider 500watt a minimum spec to be useful.

  5. says

    TREX – I am up the hill from you in Weaverville and sell geared 500 watt electric bike kits that would help you get up the miracle mile to Lake blvd and on to hill top. You will still have to peddle, but the motor would help. Before the summer is out I will bring my bike down there to see how well it does on the “Mile”.

  6. Andrew Johnson says

    Hi Team! My front hub motor on my electric Ute is loosing power intermittently and I am wondering if the motor is dying, if it can be repaired, if there is a way to replace it, or if there is a way to trouble-shoot the issue. Any feedback would be helpful.



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