Interview with Elise at Cycle 9: Ditching the Car!

Cycle 9 Utility Bike

Electric Cargo Bike from Cycle 9

Elise from Cycle 9 started her shop because “We wanted the electric cargo bike in order to use the car less because of issues with oil depletion, climate change, and everyday quality of life.” Cycle 9 is a shop focused on providing bikes and gear for “Commuting, Cargo, Electric-assist, and Touring – all ways to get around by bike.”

My interview with her is part of a collection of interviews with shop owners around the US to get a perspective of what these electric bike and commuter bike specialty shops are like and if they are getting more people on bikes.  These interviews are being rolled out at Commute by Bike.  Check out Elise’s full interview here.

Check out the discussion below the interview about the dangers of bike commuting.  It is interesting to see people’s different perspectives on this subject.


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