Interview with Bert from NyceWheels: Running an Electric Bike Store in New York City

Bert at Nycewheels

Imagine zipping through the mega metropolis known as New York City on an electric bike!  You may want a bike that is quick and nimble, is fully outfitted with fenders and a chain guard so you can commute in your work clothes, and/or can be folded up to take on the subway or transported up stairs to your small apartment.  Well if you are looking to buy an electric bike in New York City chances are you will visit NyceWheels run by Bert Cebular.

Recently I put together a series of articles based on interviews with different electric bike shop owners around the US.  The article series is called “The Rise of the Commuter & E-Bike Specialist Shop” and it is being rolled out on Commute by Bike; a website all about bike commuting.  The first article of this series is the interview with Bert and it focuses on his experience with running an e-bike shop in  New York City!

Check out the article and see what Bert’s experiences are and what challenges he faces when trying to get more people on bikes/e-bikes.



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