Interbike E-Bike Report: Stromer, Bosch, A2B, BESV, Yuba, Xtracycle & More! [VIDEOS]


The new Stromer ST2S was introduced while the ST2 won the Interbike e-bike of the year.

In this continuation of coverage from Interbike we have electric bike video updates from Stromer, Bosch, A2B, BESV, OHM Cycles, Yuba, Gocycle, Xtracycle, KTM, and Vintage!

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Enjoy the following e-bike video updates from the show!

Stromer showed off their new ST2S (nearly a 1,000 watt hour battery!), ST2, ST1 T&S with the Schlumpf crankset. The ST2 won the Interbike e-bike of the year award, congrats to Stromer!

Bosch was showing off their new Performance CX system that is focused on electric mountain bikes with a motor that has a smaller optimized size, more torque, and lighter weight.

A2B was on hand to show off their new Entz equipped with Continental mid drive, belt, and NuVinci Harmony drivetrain. Also in this video are some new prototypes and updates to their existing line up of e-bikes.

BESV showed off their LX1 and PS1 with the addition of their new JS1 and CF1 step thru style e-bikes.

OHM Cycles was on hand to chat about the company history and some of their new e-bikes with the BionX system.

Yuba had their Eurobike Gold award winning Spicy Curry mid drive cargo bike and their new Super Marche front loader cargo bike that will be available in an electric version in the future.

Gocycle was on hand to show off their high tech electric bike and demonstrated it’s folding capabilities.

Xtracycle had their Bosch powered 10e Edgerunner and one of the highlights was the new front rack and bag.

KTM is bringing their e-bike line up to the U.S. for 2016. Checkout their full suspension e-mtb with the Bosch system.

Vintage Electric Bikes has some high power e-bikes with a classic look.

Stay Tuned for More!

That’s it for part 2 of Interbike coverage. Now checkout part 3 with new e-bikes and tech from Tempo, Faraday, Spir, Virtue, Cobi, NYX, Surface 604, M1 Sportechnik, Scott, Karmic, Ripple, e-Joe, Dahon, and eProdigy.


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  1. jon anderson says

    Thanks for the compilation! good info, but I strongly suggest a few things:

    vid quality is fine , but we’d rather be seeing each bike, we care little about the appearances of the sales people

    Sound is poor: you need some ‘background noise cancellation’ device .. maybe a ‘floppy fur’ mike cover or whatever .. BG noise is horrible and interferes greatly with each presentation.

    Essential data is inconsistently presented: Battery power, bike weights, range (with a some standard weight rider!!)

    Also nice would be were we to learn prices for a second battery for each model !!!!!

    and thanks again for what you’re doing!

  2. Eugene says

    So many e-bikes out there. Too bad that a majority of them will be here today, gone tomorrow. It’s like the tech revolution, after the smoke cleared there were only a few still standing. I think the magic price point is below $1000 and those that can make a good e-bike for the masses at that price will be around for a while.

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