Grace Electric Bikes Are Coming to the United States [VIDEO]

Grace from Berlin Germany, is bringing their high end electric bikes to the US market.

Grace electric bikes are high performance electric bikes from Berlin Germany.  They made a splash in the e-bike scene with their fast, powerful and expensive Grace One.  Now they have added a new bike, the Grace Easy and they are ready to expand into the U.S. market.

Checkout this press release from Grace about their entrance into the US market and more info on their high end electric bikes (including a video)!

Press Release

Grace will start distributing electric bicycles in the US in spring 2013. Established in 2009, Grace is a premier e-Bike manufacturer from Berlin, Germany.

German engineering and craftsmanship bring the perfect balance of design, technology and durability to the Grace series of e-bikes. Combining interdisciplinary thinking, superior e-bike technology and the spirit of the road, Grace’s sophisticated design is the perfect interplay of attention to detail and aesthetic sensibility.

In 2012 the Grace Easy has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot design award. Grace is also the company behind the recently released Smart e-bike, which will be distributed through Mercedes Benz in Europe.

Grace is entering the US market with two models, the Grace Easy and the Grace One:


Simplicity, Performance and Perfection

The Grace Easy electric bike won the Red Dot design award.


Graceful simplicity and nimble form make the Grace Easy the perfect partner for everything from your daily commute to your countryside adventures. It is easy to handle and packs plenty of power.

The Grace Easy features high-end components harmoniously combined in a simple design to ensure durability, performance and beauty.

Key features

  • 350 Watt BionX with SRAM 3 speed internal gear hub, state-of-the-art Canadian brushless motor: quiet, balanced, yet powerful.
  • Gates Carbon belt drive: no oiling, no maintenance, no chain dropping
  • Pedelec system means pedal activate motor input. It feels like cycling with “tail wind”
  • 6.6 Amp, 48 Volt LiMn Battery – easily removed, yet fully integrated with a range of up to 28-38 miles (depending on riding style)
  • Lightweight aluminum frame in two sizes
  • Maximum speed 20 mph



Power, Innovation and Design

The Grace One electric bike = High Performance!


A level-up in e-bike engineering, the Grace One has a road feel that will call to the inner motorcyclist. The Ultra Motor offers the quickest acceleration of all Grace models and sustained speeds up to 30 mph (optional 20 mph) at the twist of the throttle.

The Grace One boasts our most substantial frame designs, the City and the Universal. Yet it still maintains classic Grace elegance – a sleek, uninterrupted line with battery integrated into the frame .

Key Features

  • Choose from two frame models, the City and the Universal
  • Throttle operated motor assist
  • Battery ranges from 25-37 miles (motor and riding-style dependent)
  • 12 Amp, 48 volt lithium ion battery with optional range extender up to 16.5 Amp
  • Ultra Motor in two configurations: 1,300 Watt with a maximum assist speed of 30 mph and 750 Watt with a maximum assist speed of 20 mph
  • RFID card activation
  • Custom-designed, fully integrated state-of-art “cockpit” display

Here is a video of the Grace One in action!

Grace will be represented at Interbike, visit booth 36054.

Please contact [email protected] for more information.

End of Press Release

What do you think?  Would you like to test ride a Grace electric bike?  What do you think of the Grace e-bike designs?  Do you have any questions about these bikes?  Please leave your comments in the section below.



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  1. Will says

    You think they’re gonna sell the 1,300 Watt version here too. I mean, that will not be considered a “bicycle” anymore, right? You’ll have to get it registered to the DMV?

  2. Chris says

    We are figuring out logistics and customs right now. At Interbike we should have a good understanding on what these bikes will go for.

  3. Norm says

    Grace Easy looks good. The Bionx motor is proven. I wonder what the actual weight will be, with rack and fenders.

  4. Billy Randell says

    I have been interested in getting an e-bike for almost two years now, but have always felt like there was something lacking in almost every bike that I had looked into buying. I have been waiting quite a while for to somebody to come out with a well built bike that has a Gates drive and Nuvinci hub goodness straight out of the factory. That it’s all integrated with a Bionx system (seems to be consistently reviewed as the best pedelec system out there) is just icing on the cake. I’ve never tested anything by grace, but I have heard nothing good things when I ask around. As long as the price is anywhere close to reasonable, I think this will be the bike that finally gets me to put my money where my mouth is and go electric. Good luck on coming to do business in the US!

  5. Lynn Ellsworth says

    How does Grace build the Nuvinci automatic hub into the same hub with the motor? I have belt drive and a Shimano 3 speed hub on a pedal bike and love the belt drive so I am interested in this bike. Chains and derailleurs are obsolete.

    • Pete says

      Hi Lynn,

      That was a typo in the press release. It has now been revised. The Grace Easy will come with a Bionx 350 watt motor with a SRAM 3 speed internal geared hub.


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