Felt Launches New Electric Bikes with Bosch E-Bike System in USA [VIDEOS]

The Felt LEBOWSKe "fat" electric bike with 4" wide tires!

The Felt LEBOWSKe “fat” electric bike with 4″ wide tires!

Felt Electric has just launched 4 new electric bikes with the Bosch mid drive system in the US market!

The US Felt line up is: the LEBOWSKe “fat” electric bike with 4″wide tires, the DUALe full suspension 27.5″ wheel e-mtb, the NINEe 29er hardtail e-mtb, and the SPORTe commuter style e-bike.

Felt Bicycles is a well established brand in the traditional bike world and they have had an array of e-bikes available in Europe before the launch of their e-bikes in the US.

The following are a few short videos to give you some details on the Bosch mid drive system they are using on all of their bikes.

The Bosch motor:

The Bosch Powerpack 400 battery:

The Bosch Intuvia display:


And here are more details of these new Felt Electric Bikes along with a video for each bike:

Felt LEBOWSKe fat e-bike:


First up is the LEBOWSKe fat e-bike.  This is an all terrain e-bike! With 4″ wide tires and the Bosch mid drive, this bike should be able to tackle sand, snow, mud, and rough roads.  The LEBOWSKe is priced at $5,799.

Enjoy this video with the LEBOWSKe as a surfboard transport vehicle:

Felt DUALe full suspension e-mtb


The DUALe is a full suspension e-mtb with the 27.5″ wheel size. It comes decked out with a solid mix of components from Rock Shox, Shimano, Easton, etc. The DUALe is priced at $5,799.

Enjoy this vid of the DUALe:

Felt NINEe 29er e-mtb


The NINEe is Felt’s 29er (29″ wheels) hardtail e-mtb that looks like a capable cross country trail bike that could also be a good commuter.  Decked out with RockShox, Shimano, Easton, etc. the NINEe is a priced at $4,699.

In this video, a father and son enjoy a ride together…..

Felt SPORTe commuter




The SPORTe is a sporty looking commuter available in a traditional and step thru frame. Like the other Felt’s it has a solid mix of components from Shimano. The SPORTe is priced at $3,999.

The SPORTe vid: Why drive? Enjoy your commute on an e-bike!


Well those are the new Felt Electric Bikes that are now available in the US market.  Here is a link to their dealer locator.

Stay tuned for more Felt news and reviews!


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