Falco eMotors Announces 5 Year Warranty on its Entire Range of Electric Bike Motors

This is a press release from Falco eMotors.

Falco eMotors, a leading North American manufacturer and a pioneer of electric bike hub motors and propulsion systems, announced the industry’s longest and most comprehensive warranty on its full range of motors today.

Falco has led the industry with many “FIRSTS”, including;

  • The first to commercialize a 5-phase brushless motor technology for the eBike industry thereby bringing significant increases in efficiency, power, torque, range and pedaling comfort in electric bicycles.
  • The first to commercialize an ANT+™ based wireless console thereby not only eliminating wires and significant failure mechanisms but also integrating heart rate monitoring and other fitness functions into an electric bicycle.
  • The first three in one eBike propulsion technology with seamless integration of bicycle, eBike and fitness functions.
  • The first 1500W eBike hub motor with integrated electronics, controls and sensors.

The tradition continues with today’s announcement of the 5 year warranty for their full range of electric bike motors.


According to Bonita Dhawan, V.P. of Sales and Marketing; “Our customers enjoy the most advanced technology in the eBike industry with highest level of performance and reliability. Our patented and patent pending technology leads all major brands in the industry today.  We are pleased to offer this longer warranty period to showcase our extraordinary technology, innovation, manufacturing and quality.”

Falco eMotors engineering team has worked hard to bring a product to market which they is feel is “bullet proof”. Falco’s electric bike motors are capable of taking years of use and even abuse in the harshest conditions and climates.


Falco’s electric bike hub motors range from 250W to 1500W in power, 3.5kg to 7.5kg in weight, and 40 to 80Nm in toque, with battery voltage compatibility from 24V to 55V. All motors include integrated electronics, controls and sensors thereby simplifying installation into a conventional bicycle.

Cassette and freehub™ compatibility are available on several motor models. Motors can be configured to run with a variety of sensors such as crank sensors, pedal assist sensors, analog throttles, brake sensors, thun® and BEAMts® torque sensors directly or wirelessly.

Motors can also be configured for different communication protocols such as ANT+™, 1-Wire, CANbus, RS-485, and Bluetooth LE.


Customers often describe Falco’s motors as “indestructible”, “ultra fast”, “feather light”, “astonishing torque”, “highly efficient”, and “precise power”.

Falco eMotors’ full family of electric bike motors and propulsion systems will be on display at this year’s Eurobike Show (Zeppelin Hall, Booth ZH-204) being held in Friedrichshafen, Germany on August  28-31, 2013 and Interbike show being held in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 18-20, 2013.

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For more information

Email:                           [email protected]
Web site address:        https://www.FalcoeMotors.com/
Contact:                       Bonita Dhawan, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Falco eMotors Inc.
Phone:                          1-877-278-6323 x 702



Falco’s history dates back to 2000 when its founder Rakesh Dhawan led the commercialization of a 7-phase brushless hub motor technology for Tidalforce® electric bikes in North America. He then went onto lead a group to design, manufacture and commercialize a 350-W hub motor currently being sold in the Netherlands with current production exceeding 100,000+ units.

In 2008, Rakesh Dhawan led a group of engineers to launch the E-plus® electric bikes in North America.

In 2011, Rakesh Dhawan launched an innovative 5-phase electric bike hub motor technology with wireless ANT+™ command console.

Currently, Falco eMotors designs and manufactures wireless ANT+™ eBike consoles and 5-phase electric bike hub motors compatible with battery voltages ranging from 24 to 48 Volts.

Product is sold internationally through a variety of dealers and distributors and bicycle manufacturers throughout the US, Canada, and Europe. Contact Falco eMotors, Inc. +1 877-278-6323 or visit us on the web at


or https://www.electricbicycleworld.com/

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